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Do not underestimate the psychological component of the GMAT. Please read this article for some insight: GMAT Psychology and Timing Strategies

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Study tips for members:

1) Set aside at least 1-2 hours to focus on watching and rewatching these videos. Make sure you close out all other windows and programs so you can focus on the GMAT Pill.

2) Start with the 10 Core Frameworks and utilize the timeline effectively to jump and rewind to the areas you want to cover.

3) Run through the test question videos. After you have run through them, you *should* be able to answer all questions correctly without playing the videos. Go ahead and go back to each video, pause it at the beginning, and try to answer the question yourself without any assistance. Then go and check to see if you thought through it correctly.

Syllabus: Detailed 5-day Plan for each section (SC or CR)

We say “5-day Plan” but realistically we know most of you will not study 5 days in a row straight. So this is plan might span out over 7-10 days assuming you take a day or two to rest during this time. These 5 days are the days that you dedicate to studying for SC.

Day 1 (Saturday) 10am: Dedicate 2 hours to focus on the 10 Core Framework videos. Rewind and forward according to how comfortable you are with the material.

noon-1pm: Get Lunch

1:30pm – 4:30: Dedicate 3 hours to 600 Level Questions. Pause each video and try to answer the question yourself. Then hit the play button and see how your thought process compares to mine.

Take a Break
8pm-11pm: Dedicate 3 hours to 700 Level Questions. Pause each video and try to answer the question yourself. Then hit the play button and see how your thought process compares to mine.

Day 2 (Sunday): 11am-noon: browse through the 10 Core Frameworks again, spending more time on the videos you are less familiar with.

1:30pm-3:30pm: Start looking at some practice questions in the Official Guide. Mark the ones you get wrong on the first try. Review the explanations for the ones you get wrong

3:30-4:30: Redo ALL of the practice questions you just went through with the mentality that you SHOULD be able to get ALL of them correct. After all, the ones you got wrong you already saw the explanation!

8:30-9:30pm: Redo ALL the 600 and 700 level questions in the GMAT Pill, pausing each video. Again, you SHOULD be able to get ALL of these correct. After all, you’ve already seen these questions before!

Day 3-6 (Monday-Wednesday) 10pm-11pm before you go to bed: Go through at least 10 questions each day.

This should take you 30 minutes. Additionally, Go through the set of 10 questions that you went through the previous day–with the mentality that you should get all of them correct. This should take you <20 minutes as you budget <2 minutes per question. Refer back to GMAT Pill videos for thought process.

Some Fun Quotes:

“Reading is the best practice for improving your reading”

“The GMAT is the best thing going in predicting first-year performance in core academic courses.”

“DO NOT DWELL on previous problems or they will haunt you throughout the rest of the section. Let go and start new for every problem.”

“As a student, you need to take inventory of YOUR own personal strengths and weaknesses, and taylor a sensible plan to overcome those weaknesses while simultaneously enhancing your strengths”

“Here are the main learnings I had:
1. Repitition is key. 2. Practice tests are critical. 3. Relax.”
700 GMAT scorer

“I have one advice – when you practice your tests, don’t always do so in a room that’s very quiet. The exam hall was a little noisy and I could hear the traffic on the road. Also, people were moving in/out etc.”

“I don’t think that being a native English speaker necessary means that one will do well or badly on the verbal section. The verbal section tests arcane rules of grammar, requires efficient reading comprehension abilities, and comfort with logical reasoning.”

“Actually, we tend to lose score in the last 15 minutes when we are tired and under pressure to do more questions in less time. If we are not careful then, whatever score we have achieved temporarily would simply plunge.”
760 GMAT scorer

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