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Differentiating Points GMAT Pill Kaplan MGMAT e-GMAT Veritas Economist
first month
$999 $1299 $299 $1200 $940
Online Question Bank + Expert Q&A Includes video
explanations +
group discussion
Limited Extra Charge Limited
Guarantee 50pt 10pt No, retake
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iOS + Android
+download offline
ios Yes, but
no download
Official Guide Tracker
Access Period Renewal on your terms 3 months 1 year 6 months 6-12 weeks 3 months
Individual sections available for purchase SC, CR, RC, PS, DS, IR
#1 Five-star Ranking Achieved on forum >80wks <15wks Some <15wks
Official Guide SC Video Explanations
Scholarship Testimonials / Email
screenshot testimonials / Links to L
inkedIn profiles
Style of Teaching
General Style Online Video Course Books/
Online Video Course Books/
Computerized Text
Video–Focused Approach
Hand Drawn Math Explanations
Taught exclusively by Founder
Only 1 Consistent Teacher
(avoids confusion)
Video Playlists
Easy to Understand for Non-Natives Target Indian non-native audience
24/7 Email support from Founder Zeke Lee

No other prep company


The ONLY GMAT Prep Course taught by a team of Stanford graduates


No other prep company teaches speed learning techniques that utilize frameworks and visualization to communicate thought process.


No other prep company (except a select few) uses hand-written math calculations for realistic preparation and personal touch.

No other prep company has *video* testimonials from a diverse student body accompanied by real official GMAT score reports and email screenshots

No other prep company has helped students attain half and full tuition scholarships to MBA programs (worth $50,000 and $93,000 respectively)

No other prep company has been featured on Mergers & Inquisitions and Harvard Business School Student Newspaper.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and don’t have months to prepare, …GMAT Pill is your best bet.”

GMAT Pill trains MBA candidates worldwide to prepare for the rigorous GMAT exam in both
the Quant and Verbal sections…at a 75% discount to other similar programs.”

GMAT Pill takes an entirely different approach to the GMAT. The focus is on thought processes and
visualization methods similar to the ones used by pro athletes who want to improve their performance.”

World’s Best Guarantee

Yes, we have a 50+ point increase guarantee, or your money back. Prep programs are supposed to help you DO better, not scam you of your money. So we believe in GMAT Pill – it’s going to help you score higher and teach you a new thought process. If you took the GMAT exam before, then your highest previous score will be used as a comparison. We only ask that you watch the videos, show demonstrated practice in each of the sections, and show evidence of practice tests taken – these are outlined in the link above.


Note: This guarantee only applies to the full course package.

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