The GMATPILL Study Method is broken down into 6 “Pills”:

  • SC Pill (Sentence Correction)
  • CR Pill (Critical Reasoning)
  • RC Pill (Reading Comprehension)
  • PS Pill (Problem Solving)
  • DS Pill (Data Sufficiency)
  • IR Pill (Integrated Reasoning)

Each Pill follows a natural method of learning retention, practice, and then mastery.

Learn the Core Frameworks

Each section pill comes with core frameworks of how to fundamentally approach every kind of question you will see. Mastering these core frameworks is key to the GMAT Pill method.

  • Past-Present-Future
  • Table Top Framework
  • Matching Metrics
  • Cutting the Fluff
  • …and more…

Apply Thought Process to Questions

Apply theory to practice. You’ll find that in practice, there are lots of subtleties in terms of timing, where you should be focusing your attention on, and how you should be eliminating answer choices. You’ll learn all these and more in this section.

  • Apply to Level 600 Questions
  • Apply to Level 700 Questions

Time Yourself with the Practice Pill and OG Questions

Go through our timed and interactive quizzes to get a better sense of how your sense of timing is. Our quiz interface mimicks the interactive nature of your actual GMAT test.

  • Timed mini-quizzes
  • Interactive Question Platform
  • Official Guide

Framework and Visualization Approach

Having worked at Booz & Company, Zeke applied frameworks – the bread and butter tool for management consultants – to the GMAT. He realized that all GMAT problems go through similar reasoning processes. If you apply a framework to all GMAT questions, then all you have to do is adjust for slight nuances from question to question – and they all end up being very similar.

You can spend hours doing practice questions and still be stumped at each question variation. Or, you can master the frameworks using less time and boost your accuracy for all GMAT questions you may get.

Zeke knows the wise choice is to spend your time mastering the frameworks. And then practice applying that framework to GMAT questions. After all, you’ll always be seeing new question variations on the test and you can’t fall for that curve ball on test day.

Mastering the frameworks prepares you for any curve balls on test day. In the long run, the outcome for those who choose this route is much more successful – higher scores with less time invested.

Efficient Thought Process

The “Efficient Thought Process” at GMAT Pill builds off of the framework and visualization techniques. Knowing the frameworks and visualizations is one thing. Applying them is another. Knowing what to think and how quickly to jump from visualization to final answer is an art.

We teach that art visually.

Take golf as an example. If you prefer reading a manual on how to play golf, then stick to your prep books. But if you learn best visually by watching Tiger Woods show you his grip and what angle he bends his wrist, then GMAT Pill is probably for you.

HOW you study matters more than WHAT you study.

Whether you’re the flash card kind of person, self-studier, or classroom learner—you need an efficient thought process to do well on the GMAT. A thought process that helps you quickly identify what is being tested. A thought process that puts you in a position to guess really, really well–even when you are not sure about the answer.

Master One Section at a Time

GMAT Pill recommends mastering your weakest section for 5-7 days before moving on to your next weakest section. The goal is to make big strides (and thus big points) on the section you’re losing the most points on. You should be able to see some immediate improvements and insights in your thought process. GMAT Pill is all about the thought process and communicating that thought process from Zeke’s brain into your brain via videos where you can watch and absorb.

One-Month Study Plan

We send you a daily reminder everyday at 6am telling you what exactly to do each day when you follow the 1-month study plan. The goal is to spend slightly more time master your weaker sections than moving onto your stronger sections. Then mixing it up. Then applying your new mindset to practice questions in the OG and the Practice Pill Platform. Then taking your practice tests. Learn more about our 1-month study plan here.

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