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Founded by Stanford grads, GMAT Pill teaches you "speed techniques" you can't learn from a book - or anywhere else. These techniques work - even if you're not a native speaker of English.

Learn from Zeke Lee - the 98th percentile in 2 weeks guy from Stanford
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    Official Score:
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    Official Score:
    670 to 730
    Official Score:
    Official Score:
    Official Score:
    V32 to V41
    690 to 760

    Official Score:
    Official Score:
    750 1st Try!
    Official Score:
    720! (Q49, V39)
    Official Score:
    650 to 720!
    Official Score:
    750 (Q50, V40)!
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    710 (Q48, V40)!
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    The GMAT Pill 3-Step Approach

    The GMAT Pill Study Method is an online video GMAT prep course specifically designed to help you ace the GMAT test in as little time as possible.

    We specialize in teaching you how to think - how to focus only on the most important things you actually need to know for the test. If you're a busy working professional and your time is limited, you've found the right place for the best GMAT prep. We at the GMAT Pill are here to help you study less, and score more. Our student testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our product.

    Each section has its unique reasoning skills and strategies - and that's where the "pills" come in. The Pills are all focused specifically on a subsection of the GMAT exam, breaking everything down for you in a video approach that allows you to hone your approach strategy and thinking process in a natural way.

    The GMATPill Study Method is broken down into six "Pills":

    • SC Pill (Sentence Correction)
    • CR Pill (Critical Reasoning)
    • RC Pill (Reading Comprehension)
    • PS Pill (Problem Solving)
    • DS Pill (Data Sufficiency)
    • IR Pill (Integrated Reasoning)

    Each Pill follows a natural method of learning retention, practice, and then mastery.

    Learn the Core Frameworks

    Each section pill comes with core frameworks of how to fundamentally approach every kind of question you will see. Mastering these core frameworks is key to the GMAT Pill method.

    • Past-Present-Future
    • Table Top Framework
    • Matching Metrics
    • Cutting the Fluff
    • ...and more...

    Apply Thought Process to Questions

    Apply theory to practice. You'll find that in practice, there are lots of subtleties in terms of timing, where you should be focusing your attention on, and how you should be eliminating answer choices. You'll learn all these and more in this section.

    • Apply to Level 600 Questions
    • Apply to Level 700 Questions

    Time Yourself with the Practice Pill and OG Questions

    Go through our timed and interactive quizzes to get a better sense of how your sense of timing is. Our quiz interface mimicks the interactive nature of your actual GMAT test.

    • Timed mini-quizzes
    • Interactive Question Platform
    • Official Guide

    GMAT Prep For Non-Native English Speakers

    English not your first language? Not to worry. Because of the extremely casual and easy-to-understand approach that Zeke Lee uses in his video tutorials, you won't have to learn fancy grammatical terms like "subjunctive" or "rhetorical construction" or "past imperfect"----just watch Zeke think through and ace GMAT questions and you will do the same.

    Previous non-native English speakers who used Kaplan GMAT were able to switch over to GMAT Pill and improve their Verbal tremendously, scoring GMAT 760, a $50,000 MBA scholarship, and admission to the esteeemed Darden MBA.

    [+] Read: Why GMAT Verbal Matters More Than GMAT Math


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    Prep for GMAT on the train, subway, or bus. Squeeze in a GMAT lesson when you wait in line or are waiting for a friend. Do your GMAT Prep anywhere - even without WiFi.


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    Ready for the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

    That's right. Download the Integrated Reasoning (IR) Ebook (Free)

    We've got:
    • 11+ hours of videos dedicated to integrated reasoning
    • Over 100+ high quality IR questions modeled after Official Guide questions
    • Interactive Question Platform with all four question types:
      • Multi Source Reasoning (MSR)
      • Table Analysis (TA)
      • Two Part Analysis (TPA)
      • and Graphics Interpretation (GI)
    • Post your questions and get answers

    Track Your OG Progress AND Watch Video Explanations

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    Includes Full-Length Practice CAT Test + Stats

    Full Length Practice Test includes:
    • Real GMAT Interface for highest quality preparation
    • Computer-Adaptive just like the real test
    • Ability to resume test in case you lose your internet connection
    • Industry-First Timing Charts
    • Color-Coded Tables & Charts to review your answers
    • Visualize where you are falling behind in timing
    • Question Bank + Community Support

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