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SC has gone from 60% to 93% correct and RC 58% to 67%!"

I started taking practice tests about a month ago and started off at a 620 (Q44 V32). Since then, I purchased your SC and RC pills and in one month, I have been able to improve my verbal score to a 38 — SC has gone from 60% to 93% correct and RC 58% to 67%!

Every time I go through a question anywhere, I think as if you're walking me through that question. That's quite an effect to make!

It’s late in the night in India here, and I’ve got up to thank my mentor, who’s been absolutely instrumental in my GMAT journey.

From 620, last two months back, I moved to 710(Q49 V36) today.

I should say, I didn’t learn any grammar rule or a hi-fi formula in excess. It’s just the Zeke process that simplified this whole standardized test in front of me.

And, that’s the impact you could create… I owe it to you man!


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Thanks to your platform...760 (49Q, 45V) from even 680 (43Q, 41V)

Just wanted to let you know that I received a score of 760 (49Q, 45V) on Saturday. Thanks to your platform I was able to push the score up from 680 (43Q, 41V) earlier in January!

I am so happy!

Could not have
done it without the crisp, easy- to-understand videos at GMAT PILL."

“I am so happy!
I would have never been able to do this without the crisp, easy to understand videos at GMAT PILL.”


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I found none of them (other courses) as helpful as GMAT Pill.

First of all , I would like to say that I went through different GMAT books and I took part in a couple of GMAT courses; yet , I found none of them as helpful as GMAT Pill. I can surely say that It is worth more than 5 stars. To be honest , I really like the way Zeke explains and answers each question in less than two minutes!!! However, the only problem with GMAT Pill is that we cannot see such a sweet and lovely mentor . I WISH I COULD SEE HIM ):

Already the content is de-mystifying the GMAT"

I have only just begun my GMATPill course, but already the content is de-mystifying the GMAT and giving me the confidence to tackle the exam questions in a more structured way.

"First of all, your method is totally unique..."

Hi Zeke, first of all your method is totally unique. I have tried Manhattan, Veritas, e-GMAT, and GMAT PILL.

For MGMAT, it gives a strong lessons but IMP it fails to teach how to answer the questions, which the most important thing on the test.

Veritas, is actually good but as a review before the test. E-gmat, it is terrible because it is a collection from Powerscore CR and some from MGMAT and after you finished the course you will have over 200 concepts, which is in my opinion, will hurts you on the test day so e-GMATis a waste of time and money.

GMAT PILL is different from others, I have not tried the entire course yet, but I can tell it uniquely different — and better.

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