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Video Course (6-pills)

Welcome to the modern world of online learning. GMAT Pill takes advantage of the internet to teach you speed techniques on-demand, conveyed through videos – simulating the experience of facing a GMAT question 1-on-1 on test day. The yellow cursor will show you exactly where to focus your attention and at what time, in what order.

The video course is organized into 6-Pills - covering the 6 sections of the exam. Each Pill covers a core set of steps to mastering each section -- including learning and applying frameworks, visualization, and practice at Level 600 and Level 700 type questions.

In total, Zeke goes through 80+ hours of instructional content, guiding you with his voice in your head while answering tough questions. Zeke takes you through each question from start to finish and explains the twists and turns he takes to get to his final answer. Mastering these twists and turns is the key to unlocking GMAT Pill’s speed techniques.

Videos come in a series of playlists, organized sets of videos so you can watch.

Private Tutoring Experience: The GMAT Pill experience is highly personal and consistent. Unlike prep at other companies where a different teacher is needed for different sections, everyone learns from Zeke Lee. The unique strategies that GMAT expert Zeke Lee uses for every section of the exam is conveyed to you via video screen capture, as if Zeke were sitting right next to you on exam day.

The private tutoring experience is extremely effective – after hearing hours and hours of Zeke’s voice, students go into exam day with his voice in their head -- "Every time I go through a question anywhere ... it's as if you're walking me through that question. Now, THAT's quite an effect to make!" -- Sneha (720)

Study Plan: Choose the 1 or 2 month study plan -- receive daily emails telling you exactly what to do each day. Map our your next 1 or 2 months to see what gradual steps you need to take to gradually be prepared on test day.

Dedicated Support: With over 10,000 queries answered, GMAT PILL provides multiple channels for expert support including email and community comments. Students can ask questions below each video for greater clarity on concepts or for alternative approaches to solving a problem. The conversations between GMAT PILL and students is open for you to learn from – feel free to join the discussion. Got a question on your study plan or about membership? Send us an email.

Mobile Apps: Access course material anywhere, anytime. The GMAT Pill iPhone/Android app (GMATPractice) and iPad app (GMAT Pill HD) allow you to access the course video playlists without using a desktop computer. The iPhone/Android apps are synced to the Practice Pill Platform so you can bring your question bank with you anywhere you go. Just search “gmat pill” on your mobile app/play store. Students have found the mobile solution to be very convenient – especially busy working professionals who need to study on the go or just prefer using the iPad to study on the couch rather than study at a desktop computer. Either approach works.

50Pt Guarantee: We’re so confident in our speed learning strategies that we’d like to offer the industry’s best guarantee of a 50 point increase from your baseline score (with a maximum baseline score of 680). Please see our guarantee page for more details.


    • 448 Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • 10 Core SC Frameworks (150 min)
      • 65 videos (30 videos explaining the 10 Core Frameworks)
      • Another 35 videos showing you how to apply the frameworks
      • "X&Y Consistency", "Onion Layers", "Idioms", "Past-Present-Future", "Singular/Plural verb", "Descriptive Phrases", "Apples & Oranges" and more...
      • Commentery: Almost all GMAT questions fall into one of these frameworks. Each framework can apply to multiple variations of the same type of question. Frameworks help you approach questions in a way that can be replicated over and over again
    • PDF Downloads
      • Short research studies providing evidence for “best practices” we teach
      • Easy to follow with color-coded text and simple diagrams
      • When to use "that" vs "which", what is "which" referring to when the sentence gets very long?
      • "That of others", "the other", "another", "those of another", "that of the next" - which one?
    • Practice Questions (298 min + more)
      • Level 600 and Level 700 questions
      • Extended practice via Quizzes, Practice Pill Platform and OG Tracker
    • Student Quote
      • “Before I would read through all the answers and just get lost within the question and answer choices, but after doing your course I learned to immediately recognize the common mistakes and finish sentence correction problems in literally seconds." -- John Courtney (760) (LinkedIn)
      • More reviews
    • 568 Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • 10 Core CR Frameworks (97 min)
      • Make CR Easy with Visual Frameworks and propritery table-top framework
      • Pre-think and know the answer BEFORE looking at answer choices
      • Covers all question types ("General Strengthens", "Helps Explain", "Assumption / Argument Depends", "Weaknes", "Evaluate", "Inference", and "Bold-faced")
      • Which is the argument? Which is the assumption?
      • Understand why an answer choice is wrong even if you don't know why
      • Commentery: Critical reasoning is one of the most complex sections to explain -- some can lost precious time debating between a few answer choices. The table-top framework and visualization provide the foundation for you go into choosing the answer choices - with an answer already in mind.
    • Practice Questions
      • Level 600 and Level 700 questions
      • Extended practice via Quizzes, Practice Pill Platform and OG Tracker
    • Student Quote
      • "The CR PILL visual diagram approach really changed everything for me. Now I can visualize in my mind and as what you said, 'package' it into the Table-Top Framework! Zeke, you are a GENIUS!" -- Reagan (720) (LinkedIn)
      • More reviews
    • 690 Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • RC Frameworks and Tips (20 min)
      • Engaging your mind in the passage
      • Cutting the fluff
      • Scanning for key transitive phrases
      • Connecting the dots
      • Commmentary: Too many folks fall asleep reading these passages. As in real-life, reading is a life-long skill set. Making sense of "noise" is a must-have for any MBA-level job.
    • Real-time solving of 154 RC questions spanning 23 passages
      • Each passage begins with a read-thru of the passage -- showing you what to read, what not to read, and how I read it
      • Next -- the accompanying questions from "main ideas" to "specific" paragraph questions
      • Explained in slow-pace normal thinking -- so you can do internalize it gradually and eventuallly do the lightning fast-thinking yourself on test-day
    • Practice Questions
      • Extended practice via Quizzes, Practice Pill Platform and OG Tracker
    • Student Quote
      • "I was about to give up on RC… and then I heard about GMAT Pill. Jumped from 640 to 720." -- Vishal (720) (LinkedIn)
      • More reviews
    • 420 Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • DS Frameworks and Strategy (110 min)
      • 71 videos covering concepts/frameworks and another 59 applying those learnings
      • Appraching DS questions -- when to plugin numbers? what does "sufficient" really mean on the GMAT? How do you know for sure the statement presented is valid?
      • Commmentary: Data sufficiency is all about understanding constraints and being sure. A lot of things in the MBA-world are uncertain -- this type of question goes after what you know for sure and tests whether you think about those exception cases. It's very methodical, once you lock down the approach, the answer should come more naturally. The challenge is in locking down that approach.
    • Practice Questions
      • Level 600 and 700 Questions
      • Brutal level DS questions
      • Key areas: algebra, divisibility, absolutes & inequalities
      • Extended practice via Quizzes, Practice Pill Platform and OG Tracker
    • Student Quote
      • "DS is tricky, but with Zeke’s methodical approach, I now really get it. And results show." -- Rahul (Q50)
      • More reviews
    • 612 Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • PS Fundamentals (612 min)
      • 75 videos covering fundamentals (Basic Algebra, Geometry, and Number Properties.)
      • Power Pill series covering more advanced topics like Rate Problems, Exponents & Divisibility, Sequences and Combinatoric/Permutations.
      • Commmentary: Knowing basic math is a requirement. The next level is about building familiarity with these question types, spotting traps and solving them FAST. But more important than FAST is accurate -- building up that confidence is key to acing the Quant section where 1 missed question can drop your percentile rank a lot. Confidence is key for this section.
    • Practice Questions
      • Problem Sets - Level 600 and 700
      • Tons of extended practice on the Practice Pill Platform and OG Tracker -- hundreds of video explanations.
    • Student Quote
      • "PS PILL got me a 7pt quant score improvement from Q42 to Q49. From 660 (35Q/45V) to 720 (44Q/45V). Couldn’t have done it without your help! Thanks for putting together a great product." -- Aitor (Q49) (LinkedIn)
      • More reviews
    • 700+ Minutes of On-Demand, Screen-Captured Video
    • IR Frameworks and Question Types (192 min)
      • Frameworks (85min) - handling the increased complexity of these question types. Manipulate units to find expressions for km/L, km/h and L/h
      • Two-part Analysis (150min)
      • Graphics Interpretation (169min)
      • Table Analysis (103min)
      • Multi-source Reasoning (280min)
      • Commmentary:In the 12 IR questions, you'll have a mix of 4 question types scored out of 8, no partial credit, in just 30 minutes. The new IR section will provide an additional data point for admissions committee to use when evaluating your MBA candidacy. It comes first on the exam (after the writing section) and takes a lot of brain power. Ace this section and enter the Verbal+Quant section of the exam with more peace and greater confidence.
    • Practice Questions
      • Extra practice on our Practice Pill Platform with video explanations.
    • Student Quote
      • "Once you go through the IR PILL, the actual thing will be a breeze." -- Jessica (IR 8/8)
      • More reviews

Practice Pill Platform

With over 2M responses recorded, the Practice Pill Platform is an open question bank with community discussion -- a natural extension of the course for more practice applying those frameworks. The community contributions and support from GMAT Pill Staff along with Zeke’s video explanations make this an invaluable resource.

Preview it. Note, though, that paid membership is what grants you full access to the platform and video explanations – along with all section pills.


Official Guide Tracker

Use the OG Tracker to track your performance on the OG and view our approach to OG questions. We recommend using GMAT Pill to learn fundamental concepts and strategies; then applying that new thinking process to questions from the OG. When working with the OG, use our timer and tracker to keep track of your responses and then join in the community discussion for each question.


Practice Test

GMAT Pill’s Practice Test includes timing analytics to help you better pace yourself throughout the exam.

You have 5 attempts at the practice test – the goal is to hold yourself accountable to a higher score each time, helping to build confidence and solidify learnings from previous questions. What matters most on exam day is how you think and how fast you do it – take the opportunity in practice tests to showcase that mentality.

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