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    They are much more convoluted to answer than normal GMAT Prep questions…

    I’m talking, of course, about the new Integrated Reasoning questions on the GMAT Exam.

    These questions have multiple parts to any one question. Getting any one sub-question wrong will deny you credit for the whole question.

    Some of these questions have graphs and tables with them (seemingly friendly), but some of them look like critical reasoning and problem solving on steroids.

    I’m talking, of course, about the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT Exam.

    Luckily for you, we at GMATPill have broken this new section down for you in our free e-book. Everything you need to know about how the new section fits into the GMAT Exam, what question types there are, what sample questions look like, how the scoring works, and how you might prepare are included in this e-book.

    This GMATPIll IR E-Book complements GMATPill’s first e-book entitled “How to Ace the GMAT in 1 Month“. This new IR E-Book focuses only on the integrated reasoning section of the exam and introduces you to the new question types you’ll see during your GMAT prep.

    • Integrated Reasoning: What is it? (page 13)
      • Key Points for Integrated Reasoning
      • Q: How does Integrated Reasoning affect your 800 score?
      • Q: Will be a calculator for the integrated reasoning section?
      • Q: How much longer will the exam be?
      • There are 4 types of Integrated Reasoning Questions (page 14)
        • Type #1 of 4: Graphics Interpretation (page 15)
        • Type #2 of 4: Two-Part Analysis (page 16)
        • Type #3 of 4: Table Analysis (page 17)
        • Type #4: Multi-Source Reasoning (page 18)
      • Integrated Reasoning Scoring (page 19)
      • Additional Points for Integrated Reasoning (page 21)
    • Two Part Analysis: What are the 2 Parts? (page 23)
      • Two Part Analysis Sample Framework: Table Top Preview (page 24)
      • Two Part Analysis Sample Framework: Imaginary 3rd Column Preview (page 25)
      • Two-Part Analysis Practice Questions (5) with Video Explanations (page 26)
    • Graphics Interpretation (page 31)
      • Graphics Interpretation Practice Questions (5) with Video Explanations (page 32)
      • Graphics Interpretation Concepts: Correlation (page 37)
      • Graphics Interpretation Concepts: Slope (page 38)
      • Graphics Interpretation Concepts: Units & Metrics (page 39)
    • Table Analysis (page 40)
      • Table Analysis Concepts: Sorting and Rank (page 40)
      • Table Analysis Concepts: Mean, Median, Range (page 41)
      • Table Analysis: 3 Practice Questions with Video Explanations (page 42)
    • Multi Source Reasoning (page 45)
      • Multi Source Reasoning: Reading Tips (page 46)
      • Multi Source Reasoning: 3 Practice Questions with Video Explanations (page 47)

    Here’s a glimpse into the table of contents of the Integrated Reasoning Ebook with 52+ pages about everything you need to know for this section of the GMAT test.

    You’ll see sample integrated reasoning GMAT questions as well as links to solutions including video solutions by GMAT Pill.

    Is the GMAT Pill Integrated Reasoning Ebook free?

    Yes. Sample questions are also available for free with the video explanations available only to paid members.

    Does GMAT Pill have questions I can use to practice for this new integrated reasoning section?

    Absolutely. We have over 100+ questions specifically designed for the integrated reasoning section – each with a unique video explanation that explains the GMAT Pill thought process approach to tackling these new GMAT questions. Just click any of the links above and you’ll see them as part of the GMAT Practice Pill Platform.

    Is there a specific section I should pay extra attention to?

    Of the 4 integrated reasoning sections shown, we recommend putting a little extra emphasis on two part analysis and multi source reasoning. These question types may be different from what you’re used to so it’s important to get used to the look and feel of these questions. While the graphics section may be the most fun, the two part and multi source parts require the most reasoning skills. So don’t underestimate these subsections.

    Is this the only resource I need for IR?

    This ebook provides a solid run through of the core components you will need to know so you know what to expect for this 30 minute section of the GMAT exam. However, you’re going to want to practice on actual integrated reasoning questions in a realistic interface. You’re also going to want to see how an expert approaches these types of questions and the general pace at which he or she would go through a question. There are a variety of concepts tested here including slope, correlation, reasoning, logic and assumption, and reading. So if you could benefit from an outside perspective, take a look at the Integrated Reasoning Pill.

    See more sample GMAT integrated reasoning questions here. 

    Table of Contents | See Pricing

    Verbal Questions: Sentence Correction | Critical Reasoning | Reading Comprehension
    Quant Videos: Problem Solving | Data Sufficiency


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    1. Natalie

      Wow – looks great! Thanks!

    2. Svetlana

      Great to have everything related to integrated reasoning all in one place. And the Practice Pill Platform looks wonderful. Keep up the good work!

    3. GMATPill

      Thanks Svetlana, hope all's well with the GMAT studying and good luck!

    4. Guest

      Did I totally screw myself by not taking the test before the changed it?

    5. GMATPill

      Haha well there certainly were a large number of test takers who squeezed it in before June 5. However, it could have been too rushed for you and you may have not been prepared and gotten a lower score – which would then require you to retake.

      If you had ample free time, it may have been wise to take it before June 5. Otherwise, sooner or later everybody will have to take the new version of the GMAT Exam.

      You can try some of the new integrated reasoning questions here: http://www.gmatpill.com/gmat-practice-test/gmat-i

    6. Guest

      I was studying for the Series 7 and 63 but should have just bit the bullet and taken it before July 5. That's what you get for being lazy, I guess. Darn!

      Have you or any staff had any experience with the IR vs. the old version of the test? Harder or easier?


    7. GMATPill

      You still wouldn't have made it since the exam changed June 5 and not July 5.

      The IR section has more friendly topics in Graphics/Table – but generally the Two-Part Analysis and Multi-source Reasoning questions are much harder. TPA can be critical reasoning on steroids and Multi-source requires remember "fine print" details in the 3 tabs. Occasionally you'll see "easy" questions but generally they will be much harder than regular GMAT questions and will require multiple steps to get the final answer.

      And not just multiple steps, you'll also have multiple parts to an IR question – you must get all correct in order to get credit for that IR question.

    8. Vivek


      Thanks for the material. Can you also suggest some good material for AWA, which we can refer specific writing styles.


    9. GMATPill

      Adding an AWA Pill is something we can consider. At the moment we don't have one as the scoring is not as important as verbal+quant.

      Writing style is most similar to the reading strategy taught in RC Pill. If you read passages via the RC Pill way, it's similar to how writing style should be for the AWA essay.

      Other than that, if you read sample essays around the web and in the OG, you should get a sense. Outside of that, just practice the essays in GMATPrep software and take a look at good vs bad essays.