The Last Minute GMAT Prep Study PlanThe Last Minute GMAT Prep Study PlanThe Last Minute GMAT Prep Study Plan

How to Prepare for GMAT in 1 Month

Day 1: Download the GMAT Prep Software from and take a test to become familiar with the directions/logistics and identify where you need help most.
Days 2-6: Log in to GMAT Pill. Watch and absorb the efficient thought processes and concepts for your weakest section (e.g. Sentence Correction). Spend at least 3 solid straight hours on Day 2.
Days 7-12: Log in to GMAT Pill and go through your next weakest section.
Days 12-15: Start your 3rd weakest area (e.g., Data Sufficiency)
Days 16-19: Start your 4th weakest area while also doing practice problems for other sections that already covered.
Days 20-22: Retake the same exam that you took on Day 1 with the mentality that you should get everything correct (after all, you’ve seen the questions before!)
Days 23-24: Review any questions that you got wrong.
Day 25: Relax. Mentally prepare for the set of practice exams on the Official Guide you are about to take. Review videos in the GMAT Pill.
Days 26-31: Take practice exams in the Official Guide. At least one full day on a weekend should be dedicated to simulating exam conditions. If your exam begins at 9am, make sure you practice waking up at 7am and going through your pre-exam routine. Control your nerves and get psyched.
Days 32-33: Exam Day

There’s Only 3 Resources You Need!

1) GMATPrep software from
2) GMATPill Online Video Membership
3) Official Guide (11th or 12th edition is fine)

We don’t recommend other sources just because of the quality of the questions are questionable. We believe in studying with questions from just the above sources so you don’t confused by what kinds of questions you will actually see on your GMAT.

Syllabus: Detailed 5-day Plan for each section (SC/CR/RC/DS/PS)

We say “5-day Plan” but realistically we know most of you will not study 5 days in a row straight. So this is plan might span out over 7-10 days assuming you take a day or two to rest during this time. These 5 days are the days that you dedicate to studying for SC.

Day 1 (Saturday) 10am: Dedicate 2 hours to focus on the 10 Core Framework videos. Rewind and forward according to how comfortable you are with the material.

noon-1pm: Get Lunch

1:30pm – 4:30: Dedicate 3 hours to 600 Level Questions. Pause each video and try to answer the question yourself. Then hit the play button and see how your thought process compares to mine.

Take a Break
8pm-11pm: Dedicate 3 hours to 700 Level Questions. Pause each video and try to answer the question yourself. Then hit the play button and see how your thought process compares to mine.

Day 2 (Sunday): 11am-noon: browse through the 10 Core Frameworks again, spending more time on the videos you are less familiar with.

1:30pm-3:30pm: Start looking at some practice questions in the Official Guide. Mark the ones you get wrong on the first try. Review the explanations for the ones you get wrong

3:30-4:30: Redo ALL of the practice questions you just went through with the mentality that you SHOULD be able to get ALL of them correct. After all, the ones you got wrong you already saw the explanation!

8:30-9:30pm: Redo ALL the 600 and 700 level questions in the GMAT Pill, pausing each video. Again, you SHOULD be able to get ALL of these correct. After all, you’ve already seen these questions before!

Day 3-6 (Monday-Wednesday) 10pm-11pm before you go to bed: Go through at least 10 questions each day.

This should take you 30 minutes. Additionally, Go through the set of 10 questions that you went through the previous day–with the mentality that you should get all of them correct. This should take you <20 minutes as you budget <2 minutes per question. Refer back to GMAT Pill videos for thought process. Feeling extra ambitious? A few of our students have already mimicked Zeke's rigorous 2 week study plan and all of them scored 700+ using the GMAT Pill Study Method. You can too!

Important GMAT Resources

How To “DO” GMAT Questions Effectively – Some tips on how to retain your memory and not make the same stupid mistakes over and over.
GMAT Psychology and Timing Strategies – Don’t overlook the psychological component of the exam! It’s as much about thought process as it is about lasting the marathon-like exam.

Is GMAT Pill Right For Me?

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