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The GMAT has become one of the most popular exams worldwide and is accepted at virtually every top business school. The competition to get into top business schools is more fierce than ever and so is the desire for a competitive GMAT score to go with a competitive MBA caliber application.

This book provides a preview of the mentality needed to prepare for the GMAT exam in as little time as possible. Also included are various practice problems, some frameworks on how to approach specific types of questions, and video explanations for members of the GMAT Pill Study Method. To learn more about the online video course, visit

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About The Author

Zeke Lee is the founder and president of GMAT Pill (, a GMAT Prep online video course program that teaches the GMAT Pill Study Method through video thought process videos that mimick the private tutoring experience.

Zeke holds management consulting experience with Booz & Company and securities trading experience at hedge funds and investment banks of Wall Street. Zeke graduated from Stanford University and has helped hundreds of students prepare effectively for the GMAT exam.

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