GMAT iPhone App: How to use “GMATPractice” v2.0 by GMAT Pill

Apple has approved the “GMATPractice” app by GMAT Pill – and it is available for download from the iPhone app store.

2 GMAT Apps in 1 !!!!

After releasing the “GMAT Pill HD” iPad app for iPad, GMAT Pill has released version 2.0 of “GMATPractice” for iPhone – allowing students to download course videos onto mobile devices and watch them on-the-go without an internet connection.

The on-the-go GMAT iphone app includes similar capabilities as its larger counterpart – with the added convenience of extra convenience and mobility. The app is optimized for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 – including maximum viewing space with the larger version. The app is compatible with both iOS5 and iOS6 versions.

Here’s how to use the GMATPractice app.

Link–> Download “GMATPractice” App from the iPhone App Store.

Mobile Convenience – Download GMAT Videos

Navigate the course menu and select any video you’d like. You can download each individually by tapping the download icon for that video on the menu as pointed in the diagram above. Once tapped, the download status bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

GMAT Pill recommends that you download videos while you are at home with a WiFi connection (free of charge – and faster). Once you have downloaded videos in bulk or individually, you will be able to view them quickly even in airplane mode without an internet connection.

You can browse videos while an existing video is already playing. Simply tap the empty space on the right side of the screen to remove the menu and show the video in the background.

Optimal Viewing Experience

Once you have selected a GMAT video, simply rotate your device to landscape and the video will automatically maximize to the size of the screen for optimal viewing experience.

Swipe down – bring down the top bar menu
Swipe right – Once the top bar menu has been brought down in full screen landscape mode, you can swipe to the right to open up the video menu (navigate course menu)
Swipe left – Once the top bar menu has been brought down in full screen landscape mode, you can swipe to the left and open up the settings menu (login / toggle live and download modes)

Settings Menu

In the settings menu, you can Login with your GMAT Pill credentials to access the premium areas of the video menu.

You can also toggle between “All Videos” and “Downloaded Only Mode.

All Videos – This is the live mode that shows the available videos.
Downloaded Only – This is the download mode that shows only videos that you downloaded locally to your mobile device for viewing later.

Bulk Download

The GMATPractice App allows you to bulk download entire sections. For example, if you would like to download an entire section such as “Sentence Correction” or “Problem Solving” – simply tap the download icon as shown in the diagram above. A window will pop up displaying:

“You are about to download (34) videos” – and you will have the option to either cancel or download.

Once you click download – the download status bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to manage this download process by going to Settings -> Manage Downloaded Videos

Manage Downloaded Videos

In the Settings -> Manage Downloaded Videos, you will be able to see which videos are currently being downloaded. You will also be able to select specific videos that were previously downloaded and delete those videos from your mobile device. You may want to do this to free up memory for future video downloads.

Study GMAT On-The-Go

This is the first true on-the-go iphone app that mirrors GMAT Pill’s popular “GMAT Pill HD” iPad app. The iPhone version has very similar capabilities in v1.0

Version 1.1 will include many new features including:

1) Interactive practice GMAT questions with video explanations
2) Full integration with GMAT Pill’s Practice Pill Platform – including member and guest account information
3) Community discussion over questions.

Sit tight for the announcement. Check back with our facebook page for updates.

Looking for the GMAT Pill HD iPad app?

Here’s how to download the GMAT iPad app “GMAT Pill HD”

This app is great for viewing videos at home on your bed or couch. If you’d like, you can also download videos to your iPad device and view them without an internet connection during your commute. The iPad’s larger screen offers the optimal viewing experience for GMAT videos.

Be sure to carry earphones with you so you can hear in the midst of outdoor noise..

For the Android version, click here.

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