• UPenn Graduate Scores 740, Thanks GMATPill (Video)

    Alice is an energy consultant and U Penn graduate in psychology. She discovered GMATPill through a referral from another successful GMATPill student. Well, not only was GMATPill helpful to the first student—it was helpful for Alice as well.

    Here’s a quick few words from Alice herself.

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    Verbal Questions: Sentence Correction | Critical Reasoning | Reading Comprehension
    Quant Videos: Problem Solving | Data Sufficiency


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    1. shricomm

      Congratulations Alice … You will be in wonderland soon :) Good Luck with your applications. Please do send me an email and lets keep connected .. Good Luck again and God Bless !!!

    2. Really beneficial bless you, I believe your current subscribers might want further content of this nature maintain the great work.

    3. GMATPill

      Just an update everyone! Alice is got several offers from MBA programs and chose Tuck School of Business @ Dartmoth. Congrats!

    4. this is interesting