Why GMAT Pill?

Lots of reasons. For example, we take a “GMAT Tutor Next Door Who Aced The GMAT In Just 2 Weeks, Let Me Show You How” Approach, rather than a big prep company approach that usually has a more rigid approach.
Please take a look at this page on Why GMAT Pill?

How does your course work?

It’s simple. You purchase login access to whichever Pills you want. If you want sentence correction, then purchase the Sentence Correction Pill. If you would like to do multiple sections, then you will be eligible for a packaged discount. See the Sign up Page for details.

How long do I have membership access?

We now have a subscription model where you pay a first month charge and then subsequent months are renewed at a lower rate. You can cancel at any time with a simple link.

At the moment, there is no expiration on your membership. Unlike other prep companies that require you to renew your subscription after so many days, we give you access for as long as you need it without additional charges.

How much time should I budget to study for each section?

This varies depending on your strengths and weaknesses. We recommend a 5-day study plan with focused, dedicated studying on your weakest section. So if you are weak in sentence correction, then spend 5 full days with 2-3 sessions each day. For example, one session would be 2 hours in the morning before you get lunch. Then another 2-3 hours between lunch and dinner. And then another 2-3 hours after dinner.

Will I be able to email you questions when I am stuck?

Yes, you will have 24/7 email access to me. Upon registration, you will receive an email to which you may respond with your inquiries. I personally answer each question–not my assistant, not a replacement tutor. You will have access to me and I am generally very responsive to emails.

I am really enjoying the videos! Will there also be a reading comprehension pill?

Originally, we were hesitant about creating videos for reading comprehension as it was difficult to teach somebody how to read. But since so many students demanded it, we worked on how to convey that information effectively and finally released the GMAT Reading Comprehension Pill with over 17 reading passages with Zeke’s video explanations of his thought process.

For reading comprehension tips, read them here and watch the General Tips video in the RC section.

I only need help on the quant section. Will I be able to purchase a Quant section separately?

Yes. You can see pricing information at the bottom of the signup page where you can either purchase the entire package, the Verbal Pill Combo Package, or the Quant Pill Combo Package.

Is there a score guarantee?

Yes, we have a 50+ point increase guarantee, or your money back. Prep programs are supposed to help you DO better, not scam you of your money. So we believe in GMAT Pill – it’s going to help you score higher and teach you a new thought process. If you took the GMAT exam before, then your highest previous score will be used as comparison. We only ask that you watch the videos at least twenty two of the thirty days preceding your official GMAT exam date and absorb Zeke’s thought process according to requirements, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Please do your best to assess the free videos on this site to help you determine if you will benefit from the GMAT Pill. Note: This guarantee only applies to the full course package ($437) and does not apply to subscription packages.

Can I get a free account?

We offer a free account access to our Practice Pill Platform – where you can see 1,000+ questions. Paid accounts are required for our core course and video explanations to each question in the Practice Pill Platform.

Now, it’s easier to improve a score from 450 to 500. What about if I start out with 650 or even 680?

We most definitely believe in GMAT Pill bringing you over the 700 level. The maximum baseline score is 680 to qualify for the refund. Even at the 680 level, we’ve had a success story of a student who retook the GMAT and improved from 680 to 760, along with a $50K MBA scholarship. But for purposes of the guarantee, 680 is the maximum baseline score.

In fact, many high achieving students opt for the GMAT Pill Study Method, as the attack strategies are very effective for making that nebulous jump from 600 to 700 level scores.

Does GMATPill have a computer adaptive practice test?

Yes – we have a GMATPill practice test that you can access once you are a member. You are allowed up to 5 attempts for this practice test. After the practice test, you can see what questions you are getting wrong so you can diagnose yourself and figure out what sections to focus for your studying. We also spent tremendous effort building in timing statistics so you can see how your pacing throughout the exam compares to the GMATPill recommended average pace. Students find this feature extremely helpful – especially since timing is an extremely important component of the exam that many test takers overlook.

Is GMAT Pill Thought Process Video Course the only resource I need?

No! You will also need
1) GMAT Prep software from mba.com
2) Official Guide to the GMAT
Our course is geared towards students who were at least B or C students in high school. If you were barely passing high school, please do not completely rely on our course! You will need additional help elsewhere.

Q: Will your courses teach the core foundations and fundamentals?

Yes we teach core fundamentals on verbal reasoning. For quant, if you need help with really basic fundamentals (basic arithmetic) we don’t cover that. We do cover and go through the key concepts (3,4,5 triangles, rules of thumb, etc and provide a review sheet) and we apply them to questions. But we do not take hours to cover the basics. We focus instead on the thought process as we answer the questions and we show you from start to finish.

Q: Can I rely completely on GMAT Pill or will I need the OG13 and other material?

We would highly recommend using OG13 material – this is the best source for official real questions from prior exams. That said, we do have a lot of questions in our database. The other source you’ll need is the GMATPrep software – but you can download this from within our course.

Q: What barriers would prevent me from achieving a 780+ GMAT?

780+ – barriers would include jitters on the real exam, freezing up, and just being unlucky and missing a question or not finishing the exam on top.
You’ll really want to internalize the strategies at GMATPill and apply them with lightning speed and lightning confidence to each and every question. Any slip up will bring you lower than 780. Btw, 780 is pretty much a perfect score.

Q: Are the sample videos accurate representations of the course content or
do you provide more information to understand the foundations mentioned above?

The sample videos are sample question explanations. They can be typical of those types of questions but they do not include our framework videos and series of explanations for Problem Sets, OG (SC and PS), and Power Pill Series. The framework videos are the fundamentals lens you’ll need to attack the questions efficiently.

Q: Do your courses cover all areas of the GMAT exam (AWA, CR, etc.) in-depth?

AWA is not covered – and is not an all important score that admissions officers look at. We cover all other sections including the new IR section.

Q: Has all content been updated for OG2016 and the new GMAT exam format?

Yes. IR, more questions focused on meaning in SC, complete the argument in CR. We have a mapping table for OG2016 to OG2015 that you can reference so you can use either editions. Even the OG13 is fine since 75% of questions are the same.

Q: How do I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions by logging in and going to your My Account page. Only you can manage your own subscriptions. Do not email requests as they will not be processed for you. Monthly plans renew overnight as the next month begins and may not necessarily correspond with your time zone. Once they renew, they cannot be reversed. Please use your best judgment to manage according to your needs.

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