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Whether you are applying to business school or to your company’s internal rotational program or to a job site like eFinancialcareers.com, chances are you will need a resume that stands out from the tens, hundreds or thousands of resumes that you are competing with for an interview.

Resume reviewers often spend 30 seconds or less looking through your resume. And often within the first few seconds, they already know whether your resume stands out among the crowd and deserves an interview or whether your resume is just so-so and gets put into the backup pile.

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Without a quality resume, you won’t even get a chance to interview and show yourself as a good fit for the position.

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There are ways that you can improve your MBA resume to ensure that it highlights your most important achievements and that it fits with the rest of your business school application. We will personally work with you to help you bring out the most compelling parts of your professional history. Rather than simply listing the tasks that you did, We’ll show you how to word your tasks so they sound more like the high-impact results that you generated for your organization. Your resume will illustrate your overall leadership development so that a business school admissions officer can easily see how an MBA is the next logical step for you.

We’ve personally reviewed resumes of MBA candidates who have been accepted at top MBA programs. We’ve also helped

Here’s how the Resume Pill and Cover Letter Pill can help you

Like the GMAT Pills, the Resume Pill is “Quick and Painless”–72 hour turnaround period, depending on email correspondence back and forth with you.
We literally dissect your resume like a surgeon line by line and word for word.

We don’t just tell you what to do. We don’t say “add some more details” or “be more action-oriented.”

We actually re-write the content of your resume for you and circle back and forth with you via email to ensure the resume reflects your work history.

Even if you feel your work experience is not that strong, we can work with you to emphasize the good points so your resume sounds more impressive while still staying true to your work experience.

The following cover letter was sent to me by an international student applying to an internal job posting at her company. I also edited her resume for MBA applications as well. Take a look!

Before Cover Letter Pill

Dear Sir,

The VIE Business Analyst position opening, which I recently received from a friend of mine, has truly caught my attention. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and show how I could be the perfect match for this job. Enlightened by the variety of courses I followed during my Master year at ESLSCA, the idea of handling different projects in several entities of the bank particularly appeals to me as the ideal way to combine open mindedness, communication and intellectually stimulating work environment. [Cover Letter Pill: Notice how this paragraph sounds a little contrived and not necessarily personalized. We fix this.]

My outgoing personality and persistent good mood have always enabled me to take acquaintance with great ease as well as achieve outstanding results throughout my different internships especially the ones I completed in Natixis and in my actual internship at Fortis Investments. Furthermore I am absolutely positive that my dedication and will to constantly set and achieve new goals will be a valuable asset to your company which is why I would be honored if you were to consider my application.[Cover Letter Pill: Notice the discussion about personality should not belong here–that’s what the interview is for! Much of the language here is too general and also still somewhat contrived (does not sound real). We fix this.]

As you may notice in my resume, almost all my previous work experiences began in banking where I succeed in handling responsibilities and managing time sentive projects effectively. Also as I am actually completing my final internship as a credit analyst assistant, I have improved myself on my analytical skills and ability to summarize key messages. On a more personal level, my I have lived and work in United States, which is how I have come to be fluent in English. [Cover Letter Pill: Who else “handles responsibilities” or has “improved analytical skills” ??–Sentences like these do not help the hiring manager understand your motivations for applying. We fix this.]

My enclosed resume provides additional details about my background and previous work experience. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


Can you see the difference in the cover letters?

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