About GMAT Pill

Located at the heart of Herald Square in New York, NY, GMAT Pill is a leading online GMAT video membership site built on the foundations of unique study strategies that have helped thousands of students in 94+ countries prepare for the rigorous GMAT exam used in MBA admissions. Founded by a team of Stanford graduates, consultants, bankers, and derivatives traders, GMAT Pill focuses on thought process efficiency rather than on generic concepts. The members-only videos mimic the private tutoring experience with Zeke Lee at a fraction of the price wherever and whenever.

Executive Team

Zeke Lee, CEO & Head of Content

Zeke Lee, author of How To Ace The GMAT In 1 Month, is a GMAT 98th percentile scorer and co-founder of the GMAT Pill Study Method, an online video course that teaches students how to think efficiently on the rigorous GMAT exam.

In the beginning, Zeke’s friends bugged him to teach them how he studied in just 2 weeks and yet scored in the 98th percentile. Zeke started showing friends and students his strategic approach to questions on the GMAT Exam. He helped students raise their scores without the need for students to spend hours doing hundreds and hundreds of practice questions. With overwhelmingly positive results, Zeke’s students gave him the idea of starting this site to help spread the learning method and raise people’s GMAT scores. The GMAT Pill Method was born.

Today, Zeke advises students and business professionals on how to conquer the GMAT exam in AS LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE

Zeke’s teaching methods have helped students get into business schools at:

  • Stanford University – GSB
  • Harvard University – HBS
  • Northwestern – Kellogg
  • University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School
  • New York University – Stern
  • University of Oxford – Said
  • …etc…

Allen Yu, Head of Product & Strategy

Allen leads our product design and development teams in conceptualizing product innovations from start to launch. He makes sure GMAT PILL is on top of the fast-changing pace of technology and does so through critical strategic decisions that balance business risks with technical implementation. He is ultimately responsible for the success of our state-of-the-art web and mobile platforms.

Allen is a graduate of Stanford University’s Management and Science and Engineering Program and has advised companies on strategic decisions as a former management consultant for Booz & Company. He also has experience on Wall Street trading desks and has garnered 500,000+ video views in a cello performance on Youtube.

Carissa Lo, Director of UX/Design
Carissa is leads of user experience and design team. She works with our team to make the user experience more friendly. She is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design and also has experience in 3D product design at PTS America.


Brian DeChesare (Asia)
Brian heads operations in Asia. His contributions to GMAT Pill have been critical from inception. He is also the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions where he advises business professionals on how to break into the investment banking field. Currently, he travels around the world while running a series of online businesses from internet cafes.

Anne-Laure Alviset (Europe)
Anne-Laure heads operations in our Paris office. She studied Law, Finance, and International Economics at Sorbonne France and Wharton with a specialty in strategy and corporate development and was a strategy research associate at INSEAD. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, she served as Corporate Development Project Manager for the office of the CEO and is a founding member of Peracs, a company specialized in financial analytics.

Thibaut Cuny (Europe)
Thibaut Cuny also heads operations in our Paris office. He specializes in private banking and hedge fund investments and holds degrees in Finance, Insurance, and Corporate Law from Ecole Supérieure d’Assurance and Université de Nancy II.


Product-Related Questions / Partnerships
If you have a question on one of the training programs we’ve created, please ask about it via support@gmatpill.com.
There is also a detailed FAQ there that covers many common questions.
If you’re interested in partnering or promoting the products offered there, please contact support@gmatpill.com.

GMAT Pill Customers
If you have already signed up for one of the training programs, please ask your question within the GMAT Pill site itself or via support@gmatpill.com.

Speaking Invitations / Press Releases
If you want to invite me (Zeke) to speak at your university, business, or organization, or you want to use one of the articles on this site in your own publication, please use the press form.

To contact the Human Resources department, please call 908-913-0641.

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