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Improve by 50+ points, or your money back. The best guarantee in GMAT prep, hands down. If your score doesn’t improve by at least 50 points, you get a full month’s refund. We ask that you watch the videos to absorb Zeke’s thought process and that you follow the 1 month study plan and meet requirements of GMAT Pill. If you’ve taken the GMAT before, then your highest previous GMAT score will serve as your baseline score. Note the maximum baseline score is 680.

We don’t believe in giving you an extraordinarily difficult diagnostic exam for the purpose of lowering your baseline score. So we’ll only focus on official score reports. This is the best way of using official score reports to fairly assess an individual’s baseline score. In order to qualify for the guarantee as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, you must: complete practice CATs on the free GMATPrep software from as well as the GMATPill Practice Test – you must score at least your minimum guaranteed score on the GMAT Pill Practice Test before walking into the real exam. If your guarantee is 700, you must score at least 700 on the GMAT Pill Practice Test before walking into the real exam. Correctly answer at least 30 questions in each question tab (6 tabs total) correctly on the GMAT Practice Pill Platform. Your account must show correct responses. That’s all we ask.

This guarantee only applies to purchasers of our full package and not for just smaller sections. Money-back guarantee requests must be made within 30 days of the date the GMAT exam was taken. The exam date must be within 1 calendar year of purchase. Additionally, all purchases made through an affiliate of GMATPill are final and do not qualify for the 50pt money back guarantee. Note: User accounts that have been flagged for account sharing violations or that have been generously allowed upgrades towards the full package after buying smaller sections are prohibited from requesting a refund. Students with prior scores of 690 and above also do not qualify for the 50 point guarantee. Please allow up to 30 days for processing. Any threats or language used that may potentially harm the company will automatically be disqualified without acknowledgement. We reserve the right to modify terms at any time without notice.

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