GMATPill Releases Reading Comprehension Pill – the first video guide to RC

The RC section is perhaps the MOST important part of your GMAT Verbal score!

RC is also the most difficult section to improve. After all, it’s not easy to find teachers who can easily show you how to improve your reading strategies. The most people do is TELL you. Well, we actually SHOW you.

RC Pill Format: [154 Videos, 690 minutes, 23 passages]

These videos include well over 11 hours of reading thought process strategy, spoken out so you can process exactly how to comprehend and understand sections of these BORING reading passages.

Do you …
always have a tough time with reading comprehension?

always get stuck between several answer choices because for some reason they ALL seem to be good answers?
want someone to show you exactly what they are reading as well as what they are NOT reading to maximize your GMAT Verbal score?

… then you’ve come to the right place. Our students have improved tremendously just from RC Pill alone — and you can too!

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Passages

Free Preview for New Members

RC Passage: Genetic Mutations
RC Passage: Caffeine
PDF: GMATPill’s RC Frameworks (accompanying video going over this is for members only)

GMATPill RC Pill Membership

General RC Passage Tips
RC Frameworks: Attack Strategy (17 Minutes)

RC Passage: Archaeology (from the Official Guide)
RC Passage: Austen
RC Passage: Avian Flu
RC Passage: Caffeine
RC Passage: Eatonville
RC Passage: Ecoefficiency
RC Passage: Farming
RC Passage: Federal
RC Passage: Free Market
RC Passage: Genetic Mutations
RC Passage: Industrial Revolution
RC Passage: Outsourcing
RC Passage: Oxygen
RC Passage: Predator (from the Official Guide)
RC Passage: Price-Reduction
RC Passage: Progressive Education
RC Passage: Portrait

This is our last and final pill – students have been very happy with the other pills and we are pleased to finally offer a full package program. Read more about the SC Pill, CR Pill, DS Pill and PS Pill.

Good luck studying,
Zeke Lee
The GMAT Pill Study Method

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