• Refer Your Friend And Make $40!

    Make $40 for Yourself and Your Friend!

    Looking for a way to make some quick cash? Well, look no further!

    If you have a friend who is looking into GMAT test prep programs, just send them an email and tell them about the GMAT Pill. If they decide to enroll, then both you and your friend will make $20 each–for a total of $40!

    By recommending your friend to the GMAT Pill, you’ll make the commission. Plus, your friend will get focused and quality test prep for MUCH less than the big companies. Just look around the site to see if it’s a good fit. If so, everybody wins!

    Here’s how:

    Step 1) Join the GMAT Pill Facebook Fan Page:


    Step 2) Send an email to your friend and CC (Carbon Copy) this email
    address: support@gmatpill.com

    Step 3)Tell your friend to forward his or her email receipt to
    support@gmatpill.com when he/she enrolls.

    That’s it!

    For more details, visit the GMAT Pill Referral Program

    Table of Contents | See Pricing

    Verbal Questions: Sentence Correction | Critical Reasoning | Reading Comprehension
    Quant Videos: Problem Solving | Data Sufficiency


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    1. jackie

      hey i received my 40 bucks and what are you guys waiting for!hurry up as fast as you can

    2. mike

      hey jackie i am also about to get my 40bucks. thanks alot for the help, i have another friend interested for this program