• Indirect Compliments – (Unsolicited) | GMAT Prep

    Indirect compliments may be the highest form of flattery!—next to imitation.

    People are hearing about GMAT Pill through their friends who have already gotten success with GMAT Pill. Here’s an indirect compliment from a friend who was referred by his friend–who got into INSEAD!


    Email From Student From South Africa

    By the way, this student’s questions have been resolved. There was some small confusion about shipping a product to his address. Just to be clear, this is an online video membership site you won’t have to pay for any shipping charges and don’t need to wait for any products to be delivered to your house or apartment.

    And then from a different student who also referred his friend…

    So if your friends start talking about GMAT Pill–don’t be surprised!

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