Signing up for the course can give you an unfair advantage on the GMAT Exam. Doing well on the GMAT is all about how you think - the GMATPill changes how you think.

The "GMATPill Video Course" provides the fundamental concepts for you to learn in each of the sections. The frameworks provide a new perspective with which to approach questions. We all know that doing well on the exam is not just about answering questions correctly - it's about answering it accurately in a time-pressured environment. When you only get one shot to do well on your GMAT (unless you retake), you want to make sure you get everything right and fast the first time around.

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  • 1-Month Study Plan, articles and resources
  • SC Pill: The 10 Core Frameworks
  • CR Pill: Table-Top Framework
  • RC Pill: RC My Passage Thinking, RC Frameworks and Visual Explanation
  • PS Pill: Concepts and Powerpill Series covering rates, exponents, sequences, and combinatorics
  • DS Pill: Attack Strategies and Brutal DS
  • IR Pill: Frameworks and 100+ Practice Questions
  • 1 Practice GMAT Test (CAT) with diagnostic time statistics - multiple retakes
  • Full Access to Practice Pill Platform with questions, comments, video explanations
  • Mobile apps synchronizing Practice Pill performance (iPad, iPhone, Android
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The "Practice Pill Platform" is an extension to the course with hundreds of additional questions and explanations. Here, you can solidify your learnings and get more practice - keep track of your responses and review the questions you got wrong.

Upcoming: The practice test is available to our members and we will be releasing other new features in the coming months

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