GMAT Practice Question Set #14 (Question 40-42)

Critical Reasoning Question #41: Water-conserving Landscape  
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Salesman: Be environmentally friendly. By converting the landscaping on your property to a water-conserving landscape, you can greatly reduce the amount of outdoor water you use. A water-conserving landscape saves you money and is the natural way to stay environmentally friendly.

Customer's Friend: For most people, the savings from converting to a water-conserving landscape are too small to justify the added expense of new landscaping, since typically the conversion would save less than thirty dollars on a customers' water bills annually.

Which of the following, if true, provides the best basis for a rebuttal of the customer friend's criticism?


Some homeowners use more water to maintain their yards than they use for all other purposes combined.


It costs no more to put in water-conserving landscaping than it does to put in conventional landscaping.


A conventional landscape generally requires a much greater expenditure on fertilizer and herbicide than does a water-conserving landscape.


Majority of buildings in cities do not have yards at all.


Even homeowners whose yards do not have water-conserving landscapes can conserve water by installing water-saving devices in their homes.

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