GMAT Practice Question Set #14 (Question 40-42)

Critical Reasoning Question #42: Las Vegas Night Club  
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A nightclub manager in Las Vegas noticed that his beer cooler at the bar was half empty by the end of the night while his energy drink cooler at the bar was 90% empty (both coolers have the same capacity). As a result, the manager reasoned that he should increase the amount of energy drinks and decrease the amount of beer he ordered from the distributor each week.

Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the manager's rationale for ordering more energy drinks and less beer?


The two coolers at the bar in question are the only place in the nightclub where the energy drinks and beer are stored.


On that day, a summer-special competition began that rewarded any nighclubber able to drink 5 energy drink vodkas in 5 minutes with $100 in prize money.


During that week, a special "New Year's Special" sale was in effect for the beer.


On the subsequent day, the remaining 10% of energy drinks all sold within the first hour after the nightclub reopened.


At the beginning of the day, the energy drink cooler was stocked with at least as many drinks as in the beer cooler.

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