GMAT 610 to 710: From rocking babies to rocking the GMAT

Hi Zeke,

I wrote GMAT on 01/25/2012 and got 710 (49, 40) which is 100 point jump from 610 (49, 25), which i wrote 45 days before. Gmat verbal pill helped me gain this score. Thank you very much.

I am applying to some colleges and needed some help for the same.

My Profile:

Age :32 Gender: Female

Belong to Bihar, India (Asia)

have more than 70 percentage in 10th, 12th and engineering ( Electrical Engineering from reputed college)

4.5 years of work experience in IT.

break for 4 years from work because of kid.

Please suggest me how to go about the resume and essay

Thank you,


We are so proud of this IT-oriented mother for making such a marked improvement of a whopping 100 points on her GMAT exam. And that’s 100 points solely on verbal score improvement.

As we have mentioned before, the GMAT verbal score is critical for your overall score from 200-800.

For IT candidates – it’s ALL about the Verbal Score.

Notice her quant score of 49 stayed the same but it is her verbal score that improved from V25 to V40. That’s a huge 15 point raw score improvement in the GMAT score.

This 15 point verbal score improvement translated to a 100 point improvement from 610 to 710 on the 200-800 score scale.

With a strong score like this, this applicant can convey a strong message to the admissions committee: Not only am I proficient in IT skills, but I also have a strong verbal score to complement the strong quantitative abilities.

This is a HUGE differentiating aspect. Why? Because so many applicants with IT skills are weak in verbal. You don’t want to be yet another IT candidate with a weak verbal score. You want to be one of those select few who were able to improve your verbal.

It’s OK if you screwed up your first time. Just make sure you can show demonstrated improvement – which is what this applicant was able to do.

This exam was before the new Integrated Reasoning section

Now, note that once the new exam comes out on June 5, 2012, there will be an integrated reasoning section. This section will be a 30 minute section that replaces the 2nd essay. So you will no longer have an “Analysis of an Issue” essay in the beginning of your exam.

Instead, you will have an integrated reasoning section – which is definitely more difficult and requires more brain power. This IR section score will be independent of your 200-800 score. In other words, it WILL NOT affect your 200-800 score. Rather, you will have an additional score – similar to the way you have an additional AWA writing score that is scored out of 6.0.

In other words, you will come out of the exam with your usual 200-800 score (which consists of a breakdown between verbal and quant). You’ll also get your usual AWA score rated out of 6.0. But now you’ll also get an Integrated Reasoning score.

The mother above took the exam before this update and therefore did not have an integrated reasoning score.

Her score of a 710 puts her within good striking distance all the top MBA programs.

Beyond GMAT: Your story, resume, and essays

Yes, there’s a pill for that too!

Perhaps the only thing that may be holding her back is her multi-year career absence from a paid employer. Some of the super top tier MBA programs want people with super clean resume. They want 4-year Ivy-League + 2-4 yr management consulting/investment banking + awesome extracurriculars + great essays + great recommendations.

But does a mother handle something like this? After all, you have something that’s even more difficult to handle – a baby.

Well, for all the mothers out there and anybody else who has not followed the “perfect” resume path, there’s hope.

You can always “spin” your story. Don’t think of it as a couple of years of a career gap. Just because you didn’t work for an employer does not mean you could not have worked for yourself.

Perhaps you tried to start your own business venture. Perhaps you partnered with a friend to work on a business and you went at it. You learned about a lot of different techniques in a new industry that you previously had not considered. If you’re used to programming, maybe this venture pushed you out of your comfort zone and gave you the opportunity to learn something new like marketing.

After all, if you are a tech person going for your MBA, it’d be nice to have some demonstrated interest in business, right? Well, here’s your perfect opportunity. So don’t be afraid to explain the gap in your resume with a good learning experience. In fact, you can even add this learning experience to your resume. Remember, what’s on your resume does not necessarily have to pay you income. It’s just a one piece of paper that describes what your experiences have been. A failed venture is always a good way to address this problem on your MBA application.

If you’re not sure exactly how to put this together, try our Resume/Essay Editing Pill service. We’ve been getting more and more students interested in our essay editing services—including the student above. You can be assured the quality we provide is quite exceptional and can help you better tell your story on your MBA application.

As usual, don’t take this student’s word for it. We have had Oxford MBA students struggling with GMAT for 24 months–and it wasn’t until they discovered GMAT Pill that they finally got onto the right track.
We’ve also had students who focused heavily on verbal and were able to improve from 650 to 760 with an incredible 25 minutes left on the exam.

And of course, we have the famous Singaporean college senior who smartly took the GMAT while he was still in school. His results are not to be expected, but you can read about his story here where he scored a GMAT 780 (Q51, V46).

You may also be interested in this student who was waitlisted with a GMAT 690. He ended up retaking the GMAT – only this time with the help of GMATPill. His results? He scored a 760 AND a $50,000 scholarship from that very same college that waitlisted him. You can read about that story here.

Here’s a screenshot of what we received:

Remember – the GMAT exam will be changed on June 5, 2012. Pay attention to when you register for your GMAT test date. This could very well determine whether you need to take the new integrated reasoning section or not.

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