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Boston U Graduate Debates GMAT Prep Options, Chooses GMAT Pill, Scores 750

Posted on by Zeke Lee

Thanks to Leon Yang for taking the time out of his busy schedule as a full time entrepreneur to make this video just as a thank you to GMAT Pill. Leon is a Boston University graduate who majored in Economics. Leon’s GMAT Prep Experience Transcript Hi everyone, my name is Leon and I got a […]

GMATPill Interviews Yet Another Stanford MBA (Andy) | GMAT Prep & MBA Advice (20 min)

Posted on by Zeke Lee

It’s always great to speak with another fellow Stanford guy and here we are today with Andy Juang! Listen to my interview with Andy, a hedge fund guy who will be starting Stanford business school in the fall. We’ll be talking about the MBA admissions process, life after getting in, and some GMAT advice. Why […]

How To Write Your Resume For Business School

Posted on by Zeke Lee

There are a lot of elements related to your resume submission during the business school application season. Most business schools have an online system where you upload your essays, questionnaires, and yes—your resume. Before we get to the actual resume, let’s talk about what you should name your resume. Usually, you can upload your word […]

Interview with Kellogg MBA Admit

Posted on by Zeke Lee

Today I’m really excited to talk with my friend Jennifer Tang, a Kellogg MBA just entering her first year. She tells us about how life has been after taking the GMATs and before entering one of the nations’ top MBA programs. Jennifer is perhaps one of the younger members of her class but her drive […]

Post-GMAT/Pre-MBA Interview Blog Series: Marquis (Stanford)

Posted on by Zeke Lee

Post-GMAT/Pre-MBA Interview Blog Series – Part 2: Marquis (Stanford)

Post-GMAT/Pre-MBA Lifestyle HBS Interview

Posted on by Zeke Lee

GMAT Pill Interview Blog Series – Part 1: Jeffrey

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