Best GMAT Prep Course (Reviews of GMAT Pill)

GMAT Prep can be tough, but that’s why we have GMAT Pill. Below is a collage of testimonials from various GMAT Pill students.

Here are some samples of email responses and feedback we have gotten without solicitation. Of course, customers’ permission was obtained in the process.

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“I actually found that GMATPill has a very unique approach. Zeke’s actually taking you through each question and giving you his thought process behind it. I don’t think any of the other guys do that. It’s really a unique way to prepare.”

Andy Juang, Stanford MBA

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Goldman Sachs - GMAT Pill
So Paul, a Goldman Sachs analyst and student who recently signed up for the sent me an email saying he wanted to help others learn about the GMAT Pill based on his relatively positive experience with the videos in the first few days. Prior to coming to GMAT Pill, he enrolled in the ManhattanGMAT program and looked at Kaplan and Princeton Review resources.
Ultimately, he finds the most value in the GMAT Pill’s thought-process driven approach.

“A testimonial from student who took prep courses, ManhattanGMAT, AND private tutoring–and still got the same results. Then he looked at the GMAT Pill.

So I replied with this:

Then he wrote back saying he went through all the ManhattanGMAT materials, private tutoring, and a prep course. His results from GMAT Pill are “night and day.”

Here’s another unsolicited testimonial that came just a few hours after purchase – Look At The Timestamps

“I was surprised you fit so much material in so little time. I’m even more surprised that I actually absorbed a big chunk of it. I think watching the videos with your explanation and mouse cursor telling me what to pay attention to really puts me in your shoes.  I ROCKED the verbal with a 43 raw score.”
“Are you kidding? I paid $800 for an online course with another company and got worse. Then I watched your videos on JUST the sentence correction and I got better. If only took your gmat pill first.”
“I had literally no time to study so I went over your videos in about 4 hours a few days before my exam. I skipped around and focused on the areas that I was weak in–which was subject-verb agreement (framework #7) and the X&Y consistency a 720”
I like the format – meaning:
1) you speaking through your thought process, and illustrate how you filter out wrong chjoices — this is definitely faster than having to read the analysis through a exercise book — saving a lot of time.
2) the cursor movements are good, and the “crossing out” – it helps me grasp what you are saying – again, making it easier to get the idea/method you’re trying to convey.

However, I think $1500 seems a bit expensive. if it’s somewhere $800 I’d consider it, but that’s just me. I think my coworker probably spent around $1000 on a GMAT course.
Vivian, University of Chicago(Booth)

After you sign up, not only will you have access to the GMAT Pill Videos, but you will also have access to a 24/7 service where you can email your questions to Zeke and he will answer them.

Well, what if you are studying on a Saturday afternoon and have a question? No test prep company would listen to your question. You’d have to wait until Monday!

On a SATURDAY–That’s exactly what this customer did! He had a question on a Saturday afternoon and he received a detailed email response by Saturday night.

Here is the email thread where the customer tells us that our explanations are better than Manhattan GMAT’s SC book and even better than the Official Guide itself.

See for yourself!

1) Here’s the first email. The customer is asking about something specific
within the Idioms framework of the Sentence Correction Pill Video

2) Here’s the email I sent back explaining the concept further.
You might not understand it looking in from the outside, so just
browse through and look at the third email response. Once you
sign up and watch the videos, you’ll better understand the context
of this email.

3) Here’s the third response where the customer claims our explanations are even better than MGMAT’s SC book and even better than the Official Guide itself


Another example of a happy customer: An existing customer of Sentence Correction decides to purchase Critical Reasoning as well.

Here’s an exchange with a potential customer who was very interested in our method but was asking for the Reading Comprehension videos, which were not available yet. Still, we tried our best to give her a little direction before your upcoming exam.


Hi Zeke,
thank you very much for your valuable advices and corrections. I will try to concentrate on the reading passage and be excited :)… You’re right it is easy to loose the text while reading.
Good luck in what you’re doing, I will definitely recommend your visualization method to the friends of mine that will go for GMAT next year.
Best Regards,


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 12:34 AM, Zeke Lee wrote:

As much as we’d like to help you, it’s impossible for us to have even some of the material ready. Apologies for the inconvenience.

With RC, it’s really important to have an “attitude” when you read–whenever you feel like your attention span is drying out (usually happens within a few seconds)..ask yourself “why is the reader writing this?“–what’s his/her purpose…is it to defend something…claim something..argue something? and on what basis is he/she making those statements? does it make logical sense?…if anything..u really need to pretend like you are EXCITED about the passage–even though the material is boring as heck..but a lot of it is psychological…if you pretend to be excited, you will automatically ask questions in your mind like a newsporter would during an interview.

One more thing, you mentioned “very few material” in your email. This is incorrect, as I mention in the sentence correction pill. You should be using “less” rather than “few”—the word “material” is not countable…so you would use the word “much” with material…How much material? More material. Less material. But not “fewer material”
Hope that helps.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 4:13 AM, xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Zeke,
I understand.. My test is on the 14th of July. And I really feel that your videos might help A LOT. If you have even few of them – I will be happy to buy them and I will also write you a reccomendation for future users with great pleasure,
please see if you can still help me, even if we’re talking about very few material…
Thank you,


On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 6:43 AM, Zeke Lee wrote:
When is your exam? We are currently working on CR and then RC may be next. So we do not have enough material for RC that would be helpful for you at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience. These are quality videos we have and so it does take time to put them together.


On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 1:42 PM, xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Zeke,
I have some other problem. My GMAT toughest issue is the RC, not the SC. So I was upset to discover you don’t have those videos yet. Can you see if you have at least a bit available, so I can buy…
Thank you,

You can find a few more testimonials on the PREVIEW page.

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