$93k MBA Scholarship to London Business School

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How James Scored a Full MBA Scholarship to LBS!

First, here’s the official offer letter on LBS letterhead:

Getting this merit-based scholarship wasn’t just random. James attributes much of the reason for this scholarship to his high performance on the GMAT exam.

From speaking to them they’ve re-iterated over and over how ‘academics’ is one of the things that have set me apart, and as my other academic background is average, they must mean my GMAT.”


When James received his offer, he let us know with the following email:

James’ GMAT Score

So if the $93,000 MBA Scholarship was largely attributable to James’ GMAT score, how did he do?

Well, James scored a 770 (Q48, V48) – hitting the 99th percentile.

He was initially hesitant about signing up for the GMAT Pill. He heard about Kelvin (780: Q51, V46) – but did not believe his story. And many others also expressed their doubt in online forums. James was one of these people with doubts about the score.

I didn’t believe the other story of someone else getting 780 with GMAT Pill, but now I do.” – James

But he gave GMAT Pill a try anyway. He claims he would have scored in the 600 range if he had not signed up for GMAT Pill. Clearly, with a 600 GMAT score, he would not have even been considered for a merit-based scholarship – let alone one at London Business School!

So while tuition costs at MBA programs worldwide continue to climb every year, it is still possible to get merit-based scholarships that pay for your MBA! But in order to get these scholarships, you’re going to need a stellar overall application.

And a stellar overall application includes essays, work experience, your interview, and yes – your GMAT score.

Clearly, James’ investment in GMAT Pill paid off extremely well.

In the beginning he came in looking at our testimonials with skepticism. And now, he’s one of them – with an even crazier story of a $93k MBA scholarship to London Business School.

Note that James is not the only GMAT Pill-er to score an MBA scholarship because of a high GMAT score. Kang – is another GMAT Pill-er who scored a $50k MBA scholarship from his 760 score. He is currently a student at the top Darden MBA program.

Here’s James’ official score report.

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