Your essay is the key to illustrating who you are.                    
                        We'll make sure it makes you stand out." - Zeke Lee


Essay Editing Tips

The essay is all about story telling – maintaining the mystery is important.

Don't tell everything up front

Lead the reader through a process of discovery with a hook up front.

For example:

“It was 3:00 am on December 14, 20xx when I arrived at X and realized my life would forever change.”


“A crowd of 20 top executives from this Fortune 500 company gathered in front of me as I began what would be a career-changing presentation.”

Other powerful openers:

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I had just….”


Application Tips

1) Pick your schools carefully

2) Don't apply to your favorite school first.

This might sound counterintuitive but the idea is to think about your applications and essays as a process. In the beginning, you are still sorting out your thoughts and figuring out how to express them on paper for your application. 

After the first application or two, you'll find you are more comfortable and better able to express yourself. You don't want to have that feeling of "Oh, I should have done X on my previous application to my favorite school." 

So start off applying to your safety school - let your essays and ideas go through several rounds of editing and reflection. 

By the time you start your application for your top pick - you'll be in good shape.

3) Save vacation time for campus visits and interviews

Visiting campus is important for you to get a better sense of what the school is all about and also see how you might envision yourself there. Many campuses let you sit in on a class or talk with existing students. 

Of course, we recommend connecting with one of our hand-selected MBAs to discuss "why school X" for deeper insights.

4) Decide which schools you will apply for round 1 versus round 2.

Budget your calendar acccordingly.


1) How many edits will I get with MBA PILL?

You will have up to 2 round-trip edits.

2) What if I want more?

In most cases, we've found that 2 round-trip edits has been enough to satisfy both sides. If you would like additional edits, they would be additional charges of an extra $100 per edit. But again, past clients have rarely needed these.

3) Can I purchase essay edits individually?

In order for us to better understand your application holistically, we only offer the essay editing as part of our overall application consulting service.

4) Would you review and address other parts of the application? 

We look at your background and help you strategize how to portray yourself - what to emphasize and what not to emphasize. Other parts including recommendation letters and ding analysis are not included.

We help you better understand your school and how specifically you might fit in - and then how to package it altogether in a consistent story.

5) Are there any guarantees or refunds?

The MBA Pill service helps you best present yourself given your credentials. We are realistic and honest about your assessment/odds of getting in. In no way do we guarantee admission. Additionally, we do not offer any refunds under any circumstances. Analyzing your application, your background, and your essays requires a lot of time on a team of people. As such, we are unable to honor any refund requests. All purchases are final.