GMAT Practice Question Set #17 (Question 49-51)

Critical Reasoning Question #50: Dermatology  
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Every year tons of highschool patients come to see dermatologist Dr. Gimball because of cystic acne, a more severe form of acne. Dr. Gimball looks for oily skin, since cystic acne is almost always found in areas where there is an excess of skin oils. If one wishes to avoid severe acne, then, one should make sure the excess oil on the skin is removed, perhaps through laser treatment attacking the sebaceous glands, in order to prevent the perfect breeding ground for cystic acne.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?


Acne itself does not create oil.


Most patients know enough about skincare to determine whether their face has excess oils or not.


Acne cannot grow on dry skin.


No varieties of acne are harmless.


Acne cannot be stopped from spreading from one person to the next.

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