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  • Lifetime Membership - so whether you're taking your GMAT exam now, 5 months from now, or 5 years from now - you still have access. PLUS, you'll get free access to all future updates as we continue to add more material.
  • Efficient thought process and attack strategy - the 5-Pill videos offer a natural way to learn an efficient thinking process and attack strategy.
  • 50+ point improvement, full money-back guarantee because we are so confident in GMATPill raising your score.
  • 24/7 email support. If you have a question, send it over and I (Zeke Lee) will personally respond.
  • More personal and consistent teaching from one tutor (Zeke Lee) only
  • 27 hours of video thought process communicated to you
  • Timed mini-quizzes to "test" your retrained thinking
  • Does it work? It has for many and we are a small company. Browse the articles on this site and watch the videos to determine whether it fits your learning style.
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Sentence Correction
OnDemand Videos
  • 300 Minutes of OnDemand video
  • 65 videos (30 videos explaining the 10 Core Frameworks)
  • Another 35 videos showing you how to apply the frameworks

Critical Reasoning
OnDemand Videos
  • 180 Minutes of OnDemand video
  • 30+ videos (with visualization diagrams to help you think through GMAT logic flaws)
  • Level 600: 85 min
  • Level 700: 97 min

Reading Comprehension
OnDemand Videos
  • 690 Minutes of OnDemand video
  • 154 videos and 23 RC Passages with video tutoring thought process
  • Framework videos to help you develop an attack strategy for each type of RC question

Data Sufficiency
OnDemand Videos
  • 240 Minutes of OnDemand video
  • 43 videos (12 videos explaining Core Frameworks)
  • Another 31 videos showing you how to apply them
  • Bonus: "Brutal Level" DS Flash Card Videos

Problem Solving
OnDemand Videos
  • 230 Minutes of OnDemand video
  • 62 videos (array of concepts including wordy word problems, sequences, geometry, angles and permutations)
  • Additional videos on Mixture and Word Problems

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