GMAT Practice Question Set #22 (Question 64-66)

Critical Reasoning Question #66: Recession for public schools  
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Catham has just passed a city ordinance that limits the student-teacher ratio in its public school system to 25:1. All Chatham children residing in the city have access to the Chatham public school system for free. Parents have the option of sending their children to a private high school where tuition is $10,000 per year. When a recession occurs and average incomes fall, the number of children enrolled in the Chatham public school system tends to increase. Therefore, though most employment opportunities contract in economic recessions, getting a teaching job in Chatham's public school system will not be made more difficult by a recession.

Which of the following would be most important to determine in order to evaluate the argument?


Whether in Chatham there are any schools not funded by tax payer's dollars that offer children an education free of charge


Whether the number of qualified applicants for teaching positions in the Chatham public school system increases significantly during economic recessions


What the current student-teacher ratio in Chatham's public school system is


What proportion of Chatham's workers currently hold jobs as teachers in the public school system


Whether in the past the public school system in Vargonia has had student teacher ratios well in excess of the new limit

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