GMAT Practice Question Set #35 (Question 103-105)

Critical Reasoning Question #105: Freedom of Speech  
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Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

Some teenagers, citing Freedom of Speech, say they oppose parents and teachers who chastise them for speaking their mind, provided what they say is their opinion, is honest, and is not derogatory to any of their peers or guardians. The authors of the Amendments to the Constitution made no such provisions. Freedom of speech carries with it no responsibility to meet standards of honesty or respect or truth, especially those established by outside arbiters: students, teachers, and parents.


One's speech is required only to present the facts according to common sense standards of opinion, honesty, and respect for peers and family.


One's speech must consider first and foremost the wishes and interests of one's peers, the audience that will listen closely to every word


One's speech is free to be as "dishonest" and "derogatory" as one wishes.


One's speech must simply provide space for one's opponents to present their point of view in order to guarantee the watching public that they are fully and honestly informed.


One's speech must take public responsibility to be truthful, since one's word has a profound impact on the public's understanding of a situation.

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