GMAT Practice Question Set #9 (Question 25-27)

Critical Reasoning Question #25: Casino Security  
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San Bernardino Tourist: San Bernardino's Security Board inspects all individuals who enter the casino grounds. If the individual does not pass a security checkpoint via a body and luggage scan, that individual is not allowed to enter the casino grounds. Yet less than 1 percent of individuals are ever denied entry. Therefore, since the level of public safety sacrificed of not denying that 1 percent is negligible, whereas the security board's operating costs are considerable, for economic reasons alone the security board should be disbanded.

San Bernardino Security Expert: I disagree. The thought of having individuals scanned and denied entry deters many casino go-ers from carrying weapons and creating chaos on the casino grounds.

The security expert responds to the tourist's argument by


rejecting the tourist's argument while proposing that the standards according to which the security board inspects casino go-ers should be raised


providing evidence that the tourist's argument has significantly overestimated the cost of maintaining the board


objecting to the tourist's introducing into the discussion factors that are not strictly economic


pointing out a benefit of maintaining the security board, which the tourist's argument has failed to consider


shifting the discussion from the argument at hand to an attack on the integrity of the security inspectors

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