Yet Another Bain Consultant Scores 99th %ile with GMAT PILL

In the past, we’ve written about how McKinsey consultants have been using GMAT PILL to ace the GMAT. Well, in continuation with the management consulting theme, today we have consultants from Bain and Company.

Congrats to yet another Bain consultant for scoring 99th percentile with GMAT PILL!!

Mr. Bain #2 scored a 760 (Q49, V45) and sent us his email testimonial along with his score report:

Last time, Mr. Bain #1 scored a 770 (Q50, V47) and sent us his score report:

Why do Bain consultants do so well with GMAT PILL?

Mostly because GMAT PILL was actually created by an ex-management consultant. All management consultants use frameworks to analyze business problems. And with GMAT – it’s the same approach. Visual frameworks from which to analyze various types of GMAT questions. Understand all the frameworks and how to apply them and you pretty much can analyze any business situation or GMAT question.

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