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Framework #2: Apples and Oranges

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Phrases such as "I weigh more than him" - though technically incorrect - are used so often in everyday speech and are used within certain social context that they are almost considered to be OK. So even though we mention this phrase as correct in the above video - it's only correct because it is usually used verbally in a social context that everyone understands.

However, note that on a written GMAT exam, anything similar to this phrase in structure is NOT correct.

If you saw something similar on the GMAT as in:

The millionaire donates more than him" - then you should recognize this as incorrect. It should be:

"The millionaire donates more than he does."


"The millionaire donates more than he has."

Reference OG13: #9, 22, 24, 27, 43, 94, 98, 107, 130, 139