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GMAT Preparation for Sentence Correction (Verbal)

Hey there,

Zeke here.

While we started off with the SC Pill (which received great reviews), we’ve since added all the other sections for a full package: the RC Pill, CR Pill, DS Pill and PS Pill. Feel free to take a look.

In this video, I show you the 2 Part Study Method of the GMAT Pill Study Method-SC.

1) 10 Core Frameworks (roughly 90 minutes) – Every GMAT sentence correction question falls into one of these 10 frameworks. Master these and you’re half way there.

2) Test Questions (roughly 275 minutes) – Videos showing thought process for 600 and 700 Level (Medium and Difficult) Questions will be shown. These questions are not exactly the same, but are *very similar* to Official Guide questions. Great for preparation. Go through these and you’ll know how to apply the 10 core frameworks in the context of test questions.

As you may know from the About Us page, I was hesitant about showing these techniques to people other than my close friends. But my friends got such great results in such a short amount of time that they convinced me otherwise. You can now follow the GMAT Pill Study Method, which is as close to a real private tutor as you can get–for a fraction of the cost. For less than $15/hour you will receive the highest quality instruction for sentence correction you’ll find anywhere!

Sure, you may be more comfortable with big names like Kaplan and Princeton Review, but when it comes to value for your dollar (bang for your buck), there’s no question the GMAT Pill Study Method wins out. Get in before we become more popular and raise prices as more people learn about our study method.

We fit everything you need to know for sentence correction in just under 5 hours of videos.  Your time is limited. Quality is more important than quantity.

Happy Studying,

Zeke Lee

Due to popular demand from readers, We’ve added a FREE 4-Step lesson

Step 1 of 4) First, try to answer this question yourself:

Inter World Entertainment Corporation, which owns the Live Town and Thursdsay Matinee retail chains, announced that since sales of up to one-third of its stores are poor, they will be closed.

(A) that since sales of up to one-third of its stores are poor, they will be closed.

(B) it is closing up to one-third of its stores, which accounted for its poor sales.

(C) it was closing up to one-third of its stores because of poor sales.

(D) to be closing, on account of poor sales, up to one-third of its stores.

(E) having poor sales, such that up to one-third of its stores will be closed.

Step 2 of 4) Second, Watch this video

This video walks you through an exam question and shows you how to read the sentence, what keywords to look out for (that vs which), and how to choose the correct answer quickly.

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Step 3 of 4) Now that you’ve learned the “that vs. which” framework in one context, try applying it to a slightly different context in less than 1 minute:

Musicians of the 17th century often enjoyed baroque style music that during the time was prominent primarily because of the works of J.S. Bach.
(A) music that during the time was prominent primarily because of the works of J.S. Bach
(B) music that was, during the time, prominent primarily because of J. S. Bach’s works
(C) music, which, because of the works of J. S. Bach, were primarily prominent during the time
(D) music, that was prominent primarily because of the works of J. S. Bach during the time
(E) music, which was prominent during the time primarily because of the works of J. S. Bach

Step 4 of 4) Watch this video and see if your thought process was similar to mine:

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OK, there’s your free 4-step lesson! That’s only a piece of the 2nd half of the pie!

Why has the GMAT Pill Study Method been so successful with students?

This question is best answered by our students who have gone through the process:

“The mouse pointer is pointing at certain parts of the question and as a student, you can’t help but follow along visually and through voice. But when you hire a tutor, you spend half your time nodding and looking at the eyes of the tutor or even staring at the mole on his left cheek!”

“So even though regular private tutoring seemed like the best option at first, I quickly realized that the GMAT Pill Study Method was actually more effective and efficient–AND a lot cheaper!”

–Ryan, Graduate Student, Columbia University

“I think the most important part for me was knowing that I had access to a GMAT tutor 24/7 to answer my questions. I was quite surprised by the level of detail in the videos and the helpfulness of the diagrams. ”

“So I ended up emailing Zeke only a few times (I was expecting to email constantly!) and I was glad a few videos were modified as a result of my questions for the benefit of other students.”

–Jim, Financial Analyst, New York

“While some prep books I went through were better than others, none of them showed me a “thought process” I could use. I memorized lists of idioms that surprisingly aren’t directly tested as much as I thought.”

“The GMAT Pill helped me look at questions in a totally different way. I felt like I was taking apart the question, not the other way around.”

–Cynthia, Paralegal in Los Angeles

“It seemed too good to be true at first. But the previews made me more comfortable with what to expect.”

“For someone like me who is skeptical with things online, I would say I actually learned more in the 2-3 days I spent with these videos (few hours each day) than I did in the MONTHS of surfing the web for questions.”

–Anne-Laure, Consultant in Paris

Level 600
(17 videos, ~75 min)

Level 700
(18 videos, ~90min)

How do I know if I qualify for this product?

You do NOT qualify for the Sentence Correction Pill if:
1) You learn best with traditional book and pencil, even though you do realize the real exam is in front of a computer.
2) You are already a writing guru and edit major newspapers for grammar mistakes on a regular basis. Acing the sentence correction is no problem for you.
3) You actually enjoy learning in the context of fancy grammar terms. Somehow terms like participial phrase, rhetorical construction, or gerund turn you on or give you the perception that you are actually “learning.”
4) You have all the time in the world to study for the GMAT (you are unemployed or on a summer break)

If you fit the above profile, then this product is NOT for you.
You DO qualify for the sentence Correction Pill if:
1) You want to learn in the environment that best simulates the real exam (in front of a computer)
2) You are not super confident you will ace sentence correction section.
3) You want to learn everything you need to learn in plain, simple English with CLEAR diagrams and voice narration.
4) You are a busy professional with limited time to study. You spend as little time as possible but still have the confidence to do well.

If you fit this profile, then you should take the Sentence Correction Pill.

What are customers saying?

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