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Critical Reasoning(CR) : OG Diagnostic Test
OG2016   CR Diagnostic #18.
Vasquez-Morrell Assurance specializes in insuring ...(Login to view remaining section)
If the time that Vasquez-Morrell takes to settle claims increases significantly, it could lose business to other insurers.
Supervisors at Vasquez-Morrell tend to assign the most complex claims to the most capable adjusters.
At Vasquez-Morrell, no insurance payments are made until a claims adjuster has reached a final determination on the claim.
There are no positions at Vasquez-Morrell to which staff currently employed as claims adjusters could be reassigned.
The premiums that Vasquez-Morrell currently charges are no higher than those charged for similar coverage by competitors.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #19.
Prolonged spells of hot, dry weather at the end of...(Login to view remaining section)
The lower a vineyard's yield, the less labor is required to harvest the grapes.
Long, hot, dry spells at the beginning of the grape-growing season are rare, but they can have a devastating effect on a vineyard's yield.
Grapes grown for wine production are typically made into wine at or near the vineyard in which they were grown.
When hot, dry spells are followed by heavy rains, the rains frequently destroy grape crops.
Grapes that have matured in hot, dry weather make significantly better wine than ordinary grapes.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #20.
In the past, most children who went sledding in th...(Login to view remaining section)
A few children still use traditional wooden sleds.
Very few children wear any kind of protective gear, such as helmets, while sledding.
Plastic sleds can be used in a much wider variety of snow conditions than wooden sleds can.
Most sledding injuries occur when a sled collides with a tree, a rock, or another sled.
Because the traditional wooden sleds can carry more than one rider, an accident involving a wooden sled can result in several children being injured.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #21.
Metal rings recently excavated from seventh-centur...(Login to view remaining section)
Whether metal objects were traded from Ecuador to western Mexico during the seventh century
Whether travel between western Mexico and Ecuador in the seventh century would have been primarily by land or by sea
Whether artisans from western Mexico could have learned complex metallurgical techniques from their Ecuadorian counterparts without actually leaving western Mexico
Whether metal tools were used in the seventh century settlements in western Mexico
Whether any of the techniques used in the manufacture of the metal rings found in western
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #22.
Following several years of declining advertising s...(Login to view remaining section)
What proportion of the total revenue of the Greenville Times is generated by advertising sales?
Has the circulation of the Greenville Times increased substantially in the last two years?
Among all the types of industry and retailing that use the Greenville Times as an advertising vehicle, which type accounts for the largest proportion of the newspaper's advertising sales?
Do any clients of the sales representatives of the Greenville Times have a standing order with the Times for a fixed amount of advertising per month?
Among the advertisers in the Greenville Time, are there more types of retail business or more types of industrial business?
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #23.
Motorists in a certain country frequently complain...(Login to view remaining section)
Most automobile travel is local, and the networks of roads and streets in the country's settled areas have changed little over the last 20 years.
Gasoline prices are high, and miles traveled per car per year have not changed much over the last 20 years.
The country's urban centers have well-developed public transit systems that carry most of the people who commute into those centers.
The average age of automobiles registered in the country is lower now than it was 20 years ago.
Radio stations have long been broadcasting regular traffic reports that inform motorists about traffic congestion.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #24.
The percentage of households with an annual income...(Login to view remaining section)
The percentage of households with an annual income of $80,000 is higher in Sommer County than in Merton County.
Merton County has the second highest percentage of households with an annual income of $60,000 or more.
Some households in Merton County have an annual income between $40,000 and $60,000.
The number of households with an annual income of more than $40,000 is greater in Merton County than in Sommer County.
Average annual household income is higher in Sommer County than in Merton County.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #25.
Tiger beetles are such fast runners that they can ...(Login to view remaining section)
When a prey insect is moved directly toward a beetle that has been chasing it, the beetle immediately stops and runs away without its usual intermittent stopping.
In pursuing a swerving insect, a beetle alters its course while running and its pauses become more frequent as the chase progresses.
In pursuing a moving insect, a beetle usually responds immediately to changes in the insect's direction, and it pauses equally frequently whether the chase is up or down an incline.
If, when a beetle pauses, it has not gained on the insect it is pursuing, the beetle generally ends its pursuit.
The faster a beetle pursues an insect fleeing directly away from it, the more frequently the beetle stops.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #26.
Guillemots are birds of Arctic regions. They feed ...(Login to view remaining section)
Even if the warming trend continues, there will still be years in which guillemot chicks are killed by an unusually early snow.
If the Arctic warming continues, guillemots' current predators are likely to succeed in extending their own range farther north.
Guillemots nest in coastal areas, where temperatures are generally higher than in inland areas.
If the Arctic warming continues, much of the thin ice in the southern Arctic will disappear.
The fish that guillemots eat are currently preyed on by a wider variety of predators in the southernmost Arctic regions than they are farther north.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #27.
Some batches of polio vaccine used around 1960 wer...(Login to view remaining section)
most cases of mesothelioma are caused by exposure to asbestos
in some countries, there was no contamination of the vaccine
SV40 is widely used in laboratories to produce cancers in animals
mesotheliomas take several decades to develop
mesothelioma was somewhat less common in 1960 than it is now
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #28.
Gortland has long been narrowly self-sufficient in...(Login to view remaining section)
The total acreage devoted to grain production in Gortland will soon decrease.
Importing either grain or meat will not result in a significantly higher percentage of Gortlanders' incomes being spent on food than is currently the case.
The per capita consumption of meat in Gortland is increasing at roughly the same rate across all income levels.
The per capita income of meat producers in Gortland is rising faster than the per capita income of grain producers.
People in Gortland who increase their consumption of meat will not radically decrease their consumption of grain.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #29.
The Hazelton coal-processing plant is a major empl...(Login to view remaining section)
Whether the company that owns the plant would open a new plant ia another area if the present plant were closed
Whether the plant would employ far fewer workers when updated than it does now
Whether the level of pollutants presently being emitted by the plant is high enough to constitute a health hazard for local residents
Whether the majority of the coal processed by the plant is sold outside the Hazelton area
Whether the plant would be able to process more coal when updated than it does now
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #30.
A physically active lifestyle has been shown to he...(Login to view remaining section)
In Bellaria all medical expenses are paid by the government, so that personal income does not affect the quality of health care a person receives.
The Wistar region is one of Bellaria's least populated regions.
Many people who live in the Wistar region have moved there in middle age or upon retirement.
The many opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities that Wistar's mountains offer make it a favorite destination for vacationing Bellarians.
Per capita spending on recreational activities is no higherin Wistarthan it is in other regions of Bellaria.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #31.
Cheever College offers several online courses via ...(Login to view remaining section)
Among students who did not withdraw, students enrolled in online courses got higher grades, on average, than students enrolled in classroom based courses.
The number of students enrolled per course at the start of the school term is much higher, on average, for the online courses than for the classroom-based courses.
There are no students who take both an online and a classroom-based course in the same school term.
Among Cheever College students with the best grades, a significant majority take online, rather than classroom-based, courses.
Courses offered online tend to deal with subject matter that is less challenging than that of classroom-based courses.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #32.
For years the beautiful Renaissance buildings in P...(Login to view remaining section)
The exhaust from Palitito's few automobiles is not a significant threat to Palitito's buildings.
Palitito's Renaissance buildings are not threatened by pollution other than engine exhaust.
Tour buses typically spend less than one-quarter of the time they are in Palitito transporting passengers from one site to another.
More tourists come to Palitito by tour bus than by any other single means of transportation.
Some of the tour buses that are unable to find parking drive around Palitito while their passengers are visiting a site.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #33.
During the 1980s and 1990s, the annual number of p...(Login to view remaining section)
Avalanches were most likely to happen when a large new snowfall covered an older layer of snow.
Avalanches destroyed at least some buildings in the Sordellian Mountains in every year.
People planning new ski slopes and other resort facilities used increasingly accurate information about which locations are likely to be in the path of avalanches.
The average length of stay for people visiting the Sordellian Mountains increased slightly.
Construction of new ski resorts often led to the clearing of wooded areas that had helped to prevent avalanches.
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OG2016   CR Diagnostic #34.
A year ago, Dietz Foods launched a yearlong advert...(Login to view remaining section)
Sales of canned tuna account for a relatively small percentage of Dietz Foods' profits.
Most of the people who bought Dietz's canned tuna for the first time as a result of the campaign were already loyal customers of other Dietz products.
A less expensive advertising campaign would have brought in significantly fewer new customers for Dietz's canned tuna than did the campaign Dietz Foods launched last year.
Dietz made money on sales of canned tuna last year.
In each of the past five years, there was a steep, industry-wide decline in sales of canned tuna.
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