Official GMAT Score Report: Congrats, James from London – GMAT 770 (48Q, 48V), AWA 6.0/6.0, IR 8/8 +



Congratulations to James! On the day of his GMAT Exam, James let us in on the good news. It took us a while for him to find time in his busy schedule to put together a video but here it is!

Before James sent us his official score report and the below video, he also emailed us the following:

The official score reports from the new GMAT exam are slightly different from the official GMAT score reports that came out with the old version of the exam.

Of course, the new version of the GMAT score report includes the integrated reasoning score, which is scored out of a total of 8 points.

Many of you may be curious what the new score report looks like. Well, James was kind enough to share with us a copy of his official score report. And here it is!

Hi my name is James. About a month ago, I scored 770 on the GMAT with a 48 quant and a 48 verbal using the Official Guide and GMAT Pill. I just want to make a short video to say thanks very much to Zeke. The help that GMAT Pill provided fundamentally helped me score so well. Overall what the GMAT Pill does is it helps keep things really simple.

If you go online, google stuff, go on the forums – there’s loads of people out there who’ve got a vested interest – whether it be financial to justify their high fees or just to make themselves feel clever and try to make the GMAT into some sort of really confusing dark art. Whereas it’s really not.

If you go through the few helpful tips provided by Zeke, remember them, apply them persistently — it just makes the whole thing so much simpler and so much easier to do efficiently and quickly to help you get through the exam on time and to score well.

So that’s it really. Just to say a big thanks to them. I can’t recommend it enough and if you’re considering a 700+ on the GMAT then I highly recommend that you check these guys out. They’re the best. Thanks. Bye.

For more information about your GMAT score report, click here.

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