New Official Guide to GMAT 2015 (14th edition) July 8, 2014

As of today, July 7 – the OG 2015 or 14th edition is available on Amazon here.

The publication date says July 8 — though the link is currently available the day before.

We took a look at the ebook version — and the questions basically remain the same as the OG13 — at least for the quant questions we looked at. Most likely, the verbal ones are also the same as the OG13.

Official Guide 13 vs Official Guide 14 (2015)

So then what’s the difference between the two versions?

Well, the main difference appears to be what is bolded in the description in the amazon link above — specifically the online component.

With the online component, you can select what question type you want to see and what difficulty level and how many questions you want to attempt. The system will then spit out questions for you.

So basically the presentation of questions to you is what is different. If you’re the kind who randomly picks questions and doesn’t care which order you study your questions — then it may not be worth your time and effort to get the new book.

However, if you’re kind of person who really cares about doing the easy questions first before seeing the medium ones — then this little tool online can be helpful – especially if you don’t already have a copy of the OG13.

Overall, if you don’t currently have an OG13 book, then go ahead and get the new one.

If you already have the OG13 book, don’t sweat it — you still have plenty of material to study from.

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