GMATPill Featured On Businessweek – Alongside Kaplan, etc

Businessweek has decided to write a quick primer on top GMAT Prep resources and included the following resources:

1. GMATPill “GMAT Pill takes an entirely different approach to the GMAT.”
2. 800 Score
3. Kaplan
4. Knewton
5. ManhattanGMAT
6. Princeton Review
7. Veritas Prep

We at GMATPill are honored to be listed alongside the juggernauts.

Earlier, we were also featured on Businessweek for our GMAT iPhone app.

There was a quick reference in the Businessweek article to our Reading Comprehension Pill for GMAT–a resource that is very helpful for those MBA candidates looking to improve their performance on the Verbal portion of the GMAT. RC is arguably the most important part of the verbal section.

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