GMAT Score: 780 (Q51,V46) + 25 minutes left on Quant + 40 minutes left on Verbal….Wow!

“So I guess GMAT Pill worked for me…”

You guess????

Congratulations, Kelvin! This is incredible. And you’re still in school! Good for you!

I asked Kelvin to write a little bit more detail about his experience, and here’s what he wrote about his solid GMAT prep experience with GMAT Pill.

I do have to note that although Kelvin watched GMAT Pill while playing video games, you should NOT do the same. Of course, everybody’s learning style is different so do what suits you best. But for the vast majority of people, you’ll need to actually budget time with no distractions so that you can nail it out.

In case you don’t already know, a score of Q51 means a perfect quant score. All the questions were completed and they were done correctly. A verbal score of 46 is also unheard of and is quite unusual. The Q51 equates to 98th percentile. It’s not 99th percentile because every year there are a handful of people who do score perfect on quant. However, scoring perfect on verbal is much, much harder. A Verbal score of 46 is well inside of the 99th percentile category.

The fact that this student finished the exam with so much time left absolutely blows us away. 25 minutes on Quant is pretty amazing. And 40 minutes left on verbal is absolutely incredible. Add that to the fact that this American student is studying overseas – this will surely be a great demographic differentiator for the purposes of MBA admissions.

I’d like to also take a moment here to tell you that the Integrated Reasoning section on the new GMAT will be coming out in June 5, 2012.

There are essentially 4 types of integrated reasoning questions. GMAT Pill has put together some video solutions for the sample problems that GMAC has released. You can view them in the above link.

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