• 750 GMAT Debrief: Q&A With Student

    Today Leon, who scored 750 on his GMAT with GMAT Pill course, will share his perspective on how he looked into different study options and how went about studying for the GMAT exam.

    1) How did you decide to study with GMAT Pill as opposed to studying with say Kaplan or ManhattanGMAT?

    Leon: Originally I asked many friends for advice about what guides I need
    for the GMAT. Some of them recommended me the GMAT Pill. I wasn’t sure
    what it was, so I decided to look into it. I found a lot of comments
    about how GMAT Pill was much better at explaining test strategies and
    developing understanding on specific types of questions, all of which
    seemed pretty attractive to me. But I also thought what was even
    better was that the program was not made out of a long, strenuous
    course like that in Kaplan and ManhattanGMAT. I finally made the
    decision that the GMAT Pill would probably be the most efficient way
    to improve my score. In the end, I have to say I made the right
    decision. I don’t think the amount of effort I put in if I were in
    either Kaplan or ManhattanGMAT would have allowed me get the score
    that I want.

    2) What kind of schedule did you have? Did you study every day? On weekends?

    Leon: I do study everyday but rarely do I spend the entire day studying. The
    good thing about GMAT Pill is that it breaks down the course into
    question segments. This way, I can actually tackle the problem one by
    one. The other good thing is that since the question usually comes
    from a general strategy, once you get the hang of it, you can answer
    that particular question type easily.

    3) Where were your initial weaknesses and what did you do to address them?

    Leon: I was very weak in sentence correction. I was never really strong in
    grammar. However, the GMAT Pill covered everything that I needed to
    know in the test. During the actual test, every question that I came
    across I had already reviewed in the GMAT Pill section. I guess
    initially I was a bit skeptical whether the GMAT Pill could have
    covered all the stuff I needed to know, but as I started to answer the
    questions in the Official Guide I realized all the concepts were
    already taught to me by the program. Without it, I would have probably
    done a horrible job on the test.

    4) How was your overall experience?

    Leon: When I first decided to take the GMAT, I took a few practice GMAT
    tests to see where I stood. After scoring in the low 600s, I realized
    I needed to improve significantly if I desired to get into the top
    business schools. I was very weak in verbal and I was doing decent in
    math. Knowing that I need to improve my verbal in order to really
    stand out, that’s when I decided I needed a prep course. With that in
    mind, at the time I was also very busy so I did not have a lot of

    In the end, I was quite impressed with the program and especially
    loved how much improvement I made using the program in such a short
    amount of time. We are all busy and sometimes we just can’t spend too
    much time studying the test. But with GMAT Pill I didn’t have to
    sacrifice my score for the lack of time.

    I also really liked the video segments. I can always rewind back and
    forth so I never get lost in a question. It is also done in a very
    clean, organized way so I can see very easily how Zeke breaks down the
    question and uses specific concepts to solve it. I also find this
    extremely helpful because I ended up doing the same thing Zeke did
    while I was taking the test-breaking it down, taking the right
    approach at the problem, etc etc. I think he is really good at helping
    you to figure out the best ways to identify the problem and solve it.

    I think that is really the best that anyone can ask for. Sure, this
    program probably won’t guarantee everyone to get a 750, but Zeke
    really does a good job making you realize that the GMAT is not as hard
    as you think once you know what to tackle.

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