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CBO Online Video  

We at CBO produce original programming for TV shows, mini-series, and movies. We sell contracts to television conglomerate networks for the exclusive right to broadcast our programming and sell them via DVDs. For this right, the television networks pay CBO substantial fees that help finance CBO expenses and fund future CBO programming projects.

For members of the media, we provide kits complete with information on the actors / actresses in our shows, story plots, list of reviews, video clips and images. Now, however, some internet companies, through user generated content have not just a collection of video clips and digital photographs of our media programming throughout their site, but also full length versions of our movies and TV shows. Some of these users pirate our content and make it available for free via online video streaming just hours after initial release - this directly affects our DVD sales. Conditions must be placed on these practices, which go beyond basic media exposure; they harm the value of our contracts with television conglomerate networks and violate our rights as owners of the entertainment content. Video-based internet companies that wish to post such content on their websites should therefore sign contracts with the programming company that stipulate what content will be allowed and how much it will cost. As we have in the past, we will legally pursue internet video-based companies and push to have them shut down.


For each of the following statements, select Both Accept if, based on the information provided, it can be inferred that both the programming company and the online video company would likely accept that the statement is true. If not, select Otherwise.

Both Accept



There should be no restrictions in the freedom to upload and share.

Any online activity that substantially increases many people's interest in the programming content, its actors and actresses, etc. benefits the programming company.

An entertainment program can get adequate media exposure without making the program's entire content free for everyone on a website.

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