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Analyst Associate Principal  
  • Candidate must have University GPA over 3.2 and must not have an MBA degree
  • Candidate must (or will) have graduated from a Top 15 University
  • Candidate must have demonstrated interest in finance
  • Candidate must have the ability to work long hours, be highly analytical, and become a master of Microsoft Excel
  • Candidate total years of experience must be less than 3 years

Using all the information provided, select Yes if the statement about eligibility / promotion is possible. Otherwise, select No.




John joined the bank as an Analyst when he was 22. One year later he asked for promotion to Associate. Is it possible that he will be promoted?

Cameron has never worked with this particular bank. He is 28 years old with 4+ years of investment banking experience and an MBA from a two-year program outside of the top 15 business schools. Is it possible for Cameron to be eligible to apply for the position of Principal?

George was promoted from Analyst to Associate 3 years ago. Assuming George has remained in his position as Associate, is he eligible to be promoted to Principal?




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