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The costs we have incurred to develop a smartphone application for our company's Qoop product has far exceeded the costs to develop our web platform and the mobile-friendly version of our website. The returns, thus far, do not even come close to recouping our initial investment. We should cap next year's marketing budget for Qoop at $100K. If user adoption for Qoop does not increase to a level that would result in conversion in sales that would, in 2-3 years, result in a modest profit, we should stop the project, cut our losses, and focus on developing another product.


For each of the following statements, select Inferable if the statement is reasonably inferable from the information provided. Otherwise, select Not Inferable.


Not Inferable


Only the company founder would be interested in launching new products in the next year

All three executives believe that the development costs for Qoop have been above the average for the company's other products.

Less than $100,000 has been spent on marketing Qoop in the current year.








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