GMAT Practice Question Set #2 (Question 4-6)

GMAT Integrated Reasoning  >  Graphics Interpretation Question # 4: Private Jets 2  
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The bubble chart on the left displays 5 different private jets plotted against 4 dimensions: feet required for takeoff, inches of leg room, price, and prestige. The size of each bubble represents the price of that particular private jet. The color of each bubble represents which level of prestige that private jet belongs to.


A) Assuming more leg room and fewer feet required for takeoff are the only 2 features that a particular high net worth individual named Sam cares about, which of the 5 private jet models would he most likely find mispriced on the high side?

B) Jim, the owner of a Gulfstream Mini, would have to pay dollars per inch of leg room if he upgraded to the Gulfstream GX.

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