GMAT Practice Question Set #19 (Question 55-57)

Critical Reasoning Question #55: Winter and Spring Canola  
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Which of the following most logically completes the argument below?

North Dakota farmers are currently deciding between planting winter canola this fall or spring canola next spring. Winter canola varieties planted in the fall have always shown a potential for improved yield over spring-planted varieties. The most significant problem with winter canola is its inability to survive winter conditions. Because of a colder than normal winter, per acre yields for winter canola, though not for spring canola, would be much lower than average. Therefore, planting spring canola will be more profitable than planting winter canola, since __________.


The smaller yield of the winter canola will drop below that of spring canola's and the loss will not be compensated by the higher prices obtained for winter canola.


Spring canola planting has to take place much before the harvest of the winter canola.


The North Dakota farmers who plant spring canola are well aware of the nature of the region’s soil.


Winter canola has uses that are different from those of spring canola.


Raising spring canola can be more profitable than other crops like rapeseed.

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