GMAT Practice Question Set #11 (Question 31-33)

Critical Reasoning Question #32: Violin Makers in France and Italy  
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The antique violins found in the man's attic in northern France were made using the same craftsmanship techniques as those used by Italian violin makers in the 16th century. These techniques are sufficiently complex to make their independent development in both areas unlikely. Since the people of these two areas were in cultural contact, historians hypothesize that the craftsmanship techniques used to make the violin found in the French man's attic were learned by French violin makers from Italian counterparts.

Which of the following would it be most useful to establish in order to evaluate the historians' hypothesis?


Whether violins were traded from Italy to northern France during the sixteenth century


Whether travel between northern France and Italy in the sixteenth century would have been primarily by land or by sea


Whether violin makers from northern France could have learned complex craftsmanship techniques from their Italian counterparts without actually leaving northern France


Whether wood-making tools were used in the sixteenth century villages in northern France


Whether any of the techniques used in the manufacture of the violins found in the northern French man's attic are still practiced among violin makers in Italy today

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