GMAT Practice Question Set #13 (Question 37-39)

Critical Reasoning Question #37: UVB and Psoriasis  
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UVB rays are effective in the treatment of psoriasis, a condition where skin grows too quickly resulting in patchy blocks of skin. Treatment at home next to a window with sunlight does not suffice as glass allows UVA rays to pass through but blocks UVB rays.

Which one of the following, if true, is most strongly supported by the statements above?


All wavelengths of sunlight that can treat psoriasis are filtered out by the ozone layer.


One can still undergo UVB sunlight treatment for psoriasis while protecting oneself with sunscreen.


Some people have cases of psoriasis that don't respond to UVB sunlight treatment.


A single wavelength of UVA sunlight can cause skin to sag and wrinkle in sensitive people but behind a glass window these aging effects are minimized.


The UVB rays that treat psoriasis are more likely reach the area of treatment where there is no window glass than where there is.

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