GMAT Practice Question Set #17 (Question 49-51)

Critical Reasoning Question #49: Text Messaging  
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While personal cell phones have facilitated instantaneous connections with people, texting is a cause of underdeveloped communication skills in children. When a child is texting his friends and not actually getting on the phone to talk or not interacting in person directly, that child is losing out on interpersonal communication skills. Therefore, children who spend their spare time texting their friends have less experience in oral communication than other children have.

The argument depends on which of the following assumptions?


Passive activities such as watching television and listening to music do not hinder the development of communication skills in children.


Most children have other opportunities, in addition to after-school hours, in which they can choose whether to text someone or interact socially with other people in person.


Children who do not spend all of their after-school hours texting friends spend at least some of that time in oral conversation with other people.


Formal instruction contributes little or nothing to children’s acquisition of oral communication skills.


The written communication skills developed through texting do not contribute significantly to intellectual development.

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