GMAT Practice Question Set #1 (Question 1-3)

Critical Reasoning Question #1: Sunburns at the Jersey Shore  
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As media exposure increased for the Jersey Shore in the last 5 years, the annual number of people visiting the shore increased each year. Over the same period, however, the number of people getting sun burns from suntanning decreased, even though there was no reduction in the number of people suntanning on the beach each day. Further, the number of sunny days and the UV (Ultraviolet) Index actually increased.

Which of the following, if true for the Jersey Shore over the last 5 years, most helps to explain the decrease?


Sunburns are most likely to happen when beach go-ers suntan for consecutive sunny days at the beach.


Sunburns severely damage at least several people's skin each year at the Jersey Shore (hyperpigmentation, discoloration and burned patches of skin)


People going to the Jersey Shore used suntan lotion with increasing levels of UV protection and monitored UV levels to help determine what times during the day were most suitable for being in the sun.


The average length of stay for people visiting the Jersey Shore increased slightly.


Construction of new shops, malls, and casinos by the Jersey shore helped attract visitors to go indoors rather than stay outdoors.

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