GMAT Practice Question Set #32 (Question 94-96)

Critical Reasoning Question #95: Space Defense Research Project  
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Advocates of a large-scale space-defense research project conclude that it will represent a net benefit to civilian business. They say that since government-sponsored research will have civilian applications, civilian businesses will reap the rewards of government-developed technology.

Each of the following, if true, raises a consideration arguing against the conclusion above, EXCEPT:


The development of cost-efficient manufacturing techniques is of the highest priority for civilian business and would be neglected for civilian business and would be neglected if resources go to military projects, which do not emphasize cost efficiency.


Scientific and engineering talent needed by civilian business will be absorbed by the large-scale project.


Many civilian businesses will receive subcontracts to provide materials and products needed by the research project.


If government research money is devoted to the space project, it will not be available for specifically targeted needs of civilian business, where it could be more efficiently used.


The increase in taxes or government debt needed to finance the project will severely reduce the vitality of the civilian economy.

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